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4K Ultra HD

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Picture quality

4K Ultra HD TVs represent the next step in TV picture quality. 4K Ultra High Definition TVs have four times as many pixels as Full HD TVs, meaning your picture will have four times the detail, depth and sharpness of a Full HD TV.

4K Ultra HD Image sharpness

Image sharpness

Watching your 4K Ultra HD TV will be exciting and immersive because pictures look sharper and pixilation is eliminated, even when up close to the TV.

Colour detail

Finer detail means 4K Ultra HD TVs give you the very best in colour representation, with deeper blacks and brighter whites. Experience colour that is closer to nature and more comfortable for your eyes.

4K Ultra HD Upscaling


4K Ultra High Definition TVs take ordinary picture quality and upscale it to extraordinary 4K Ultra HD-like quality. With 4K upscaling you can enjoy superior 4K Ultra HD quality even if you do not have access to 4K Ultra HD content.

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