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4K Ultra HD

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Introducing 4K UHD TVs

We have a range of 4k Ultra HD TVs from the leading brands that bring you the very best viewing experience, and we’re here to help you find the best TV to suit your needs. Our Currys experts are on hand to guide you, with advice about everything you need to consider when finding your new Ultra HD TV.

Picture Quality

4K Ultra HD TVs are up to four times the resolution of Full HD TVs. This is because they have a total of 8.3 million pixels on the screen, compared to 2.1 million on a Full HD TV. This means that the picture on a 4K TV will have up to four times greater detail, depth and sharpness of a Full HD TV.

Benefits of 4K picture quality

  • Improved detail and sharpness of on-screen images.
  • More accurate and natural colours for an even more immersive experience.
  • Huge improvements on picture quality compared to Full HD when considering purchasing a bigger screen size like 55".
  • The Beauty of Curved

    4k Ultra HD TVs are available in a curved design as well as in their traditional form. Curved 4K TVs can enhance the Ultra HD viewing experience even more, as their design offers a more immersive cinematic experience and gives a wider field of vision for viewers.

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    4K Ultra HD TVs are unique as they have the ability to make today's content look better than ever before. They have powerful, built-in processors that can upscale content up to four times the resolution of Full HD picture quality. Trusted brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic offer this benefit to deliver extra vibrant colour, vivid contrast and incredible depth to regular Full HD content.

    Not all 4K UHD TVs can achieve high quality 4K upscaling. See Key things to look for section for more information.

    Benefits of Upscaling

  • You won't need to wait for 4K content to be available to enjoy 4K picture quality on your TV.
  • As producing video content in 4K becomes more popular and more widely available, you will be able to enjoy it in its full resolution on your 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Sit closer to your TV without sacrificing picture quality.