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Top features: - Excellent baking and cooking results with SteamBake and MaxiKlasse - Easy maintenance and programming with catalytic liners and dial controls - Money saving efficiency from a ThermiC°Air system and A energy rating Excellent... Find out more
Cook more and enjoy great versatility with the multifunctional AEG BP730402KM Electric Oven in stainless steel.Keep your oven clean with easeThanks to its Pyroluxe Plus system, the BP730402KM makes cleaning so much easier.During this pyrolytic... Find out more
Take complete control over your cooking with the AEG KP8404021M Compact Electric Oven in stainless steel.Precision cookingEnjoy a faster, more efficient cooking process thanks to the KP8404021M's ThermiC° Air system. Its accurate heat... Find out more
Top features: - CombiSteam Pro delivers greater precision for delicious results - Use energy more efficiently with an A+ energy rating - Innovative design with a ProSight LCD touch-control display - The SoftMotion door prevents accidents... Find out more
Top features: - Enhance the flavour of your favourite dishes with three cooking modes to choose from - Control your oven easily with the LCD touch-control - Enjoy a fast heating oven and even results with the ThermiC°Air system Enhance... Find out more
Top features: - Steam cooking for enhanced flavours - Fully programmable timer for added convenience - Multifunction cooking for greater versatility Steam cookingBy combining steam with traditional heat, SteamCrisp gently cooks food from the... Find out more
Top features: - Food probe for precision cooking - Responsive touch controls that are easy-to-use - Pyrolytic cleaning for simpler maintenance - Soft closing door provides smooth use Food probe sensorThe food probe uses sensors to measure the... Find out more

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