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AEG ovens & hobs

Premium quality materials, stunning design and fantastic new technologies characterise the new AEG oven and hob ranges.

The new AEG ovens demonstrate smart, clean lines that fit into your kitchen and use the latest cooking technologies. AEG MaxiKlasse™ steam ovens offer healthy, professional-style cooking, whilst CuliSense ovens remove the stress by weighing food and making cooking suggestions for you. With up to 74ltr extra-large capacities and time-saving yroLuxe® self-cleaning systems, these ovens make cooking more enjoyable and bring elegance to your kitchen.

To compliment your oven AEG hobs come in both gas and electric types, and are cleverly designed to fit in with diverse lifestyles and approaches to cooking. Adding to the power and precision of their gas hobs, AEG gas on glass hobs bring extra style and simplicity to gas cooking, whilst the latest induction hobs are designed for the ultimate in cooking flexibility, precision and control.

Discover the latest in built-in cooking design and technology with this range of AEG hobs and ovens.

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Oven features

Perfect control

The heart if every kitchen is the oven, where heat works its magic, turning raw ingredients into wonderful food and aromas. As you challenge yourself, hone your skills, your oven must be infinitely adaptable, capable of exceeding delicate adjustment, yet also amazingly durable.

Smart cooking

The AEG MaxiKlasse oven has extra large capacity, at 74ltrs - our largest standard single oven, with up to 9 shelf positions. With greater room and our ThermiC Hot Air cooking system more hot air is circulated to every corner of the oven at a precise temperature for perfectly even cooking, whenever the food is placed.

Steam cooking

Improve your cooking and enjoy healthy homemade food with a steam oven. Quick cooking times and high retention of nutrients make steam cooking a smart technology for your kitchen. You can even make the most of reheated leftovers as steam prevents food from drying out, making it easier to make tasty treats.

Self cleaning

MaxiKlasse PyroLuxe® Plus cleans thoroughly enough to impress the professionals. The self cleaning function heats the oven up to 500 C. At this temperature all food residue is turned to ash, with no unpleasant odours or chemical agents. Simply wipe away the ash with a damp cloth.

Sophisticated design

AEG ovens combine quality materials, clean lines and intuitive features to achieve sophisticated results which bear the hallmark of AEG’s proud history. Once you have selected the best oven to suit your needs, choose between brushed steel, aluminium and anti-fingerprint finish. The anti-fingerprint coating on all AEG ovens and microwaves, take the elegance and lustre of stainless steel one stage further, eliminating unsightly fingerprints ensuring your oven looks effortlessly clean.

AEG Neue Kollektion ovens

MaxiKlasse™ ovens focus on space and precision. With an extra-large capacity and up to nine shelf positions, this is a flexible and spacious appliance. The large MaxiTray™ provides space to cook various dishes at once, and the ThermiC° Air System circulates hot air for cooking precision.

ProCombi steam ovens combine steam and hot air to produce the mouth-watering texture and flavour that makes steam the choice of professionals.

PyroLuxe® Plus ovens cooks and cleans wonderfully. Some models have more than one cleaning cycle which varies in time depending on how dirty the oven is. - fully automatic self cleaning at the touch of a button.

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