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AEG dishwashers

Near silent, ultra-efficient and incredibly versatile, the new range of AEG dishwashers harness the latest in kitchen appliance design and technology to make your life easier. AEG’s Inverter Motor technology allows dishwashers to be set to Extra Silent mode to operate at just 37 dB, meaning you get great results without any noisy disruption. ProClean™ dishwashers customise the cycle to suit the soiling of your wash load and the new Solar Prepared Thermo system uses renewable energy to heat water, saving up to 60% on energy.

Dishwasher features

The perfect dishwasher

Neue Kollektion dishwashers are amongst the quietest and most efficient in the world, saving power and fitting beautifully into your kitchen. Choose from slimline, built-in to XXL freestanding options to take care of any load with perfect near-silent performance.

Capacious washing

Demonstrating the design harmony which permeates all AEG appliances, these dishwashers can fit into any kitchen and take care of even the most demanding dish-washing. ProClean™ dishwashers have an XXL tub, creating more space without taking up more room in the kitchen.

Extra silent

Using AEG’s Inverter Motor technology, these dishwashers can be set to Extra Silent mode to operate at just 37dB, blending serenely into the ambient noise of the house.

TimeBeam technology

This ingenious system projects a coloured beam onto the floor to tell you how long is left on the cycle without you needing to read a display.


The advanced function in our ProClean™ dishwashers uses two sensors to measure the size and soiling of dishes, electronically fine tuning the selected programme to the specific needs of the wash loads.

Intelligent energy saving

Efficiency and convenience drive the design of AEG dishwashers, delivering you optimum performance. The new Solar Prepared Thermo system uses renewable energy to heat water, saving up to 60% on energy. ProClean™ dishwashers minimise water and energy usage, and the Öko Plus program reduces energy consumption by 25% by shortening the drying phase.

ProClean™ Dishwashers

With a powerful new cleaning system and enlarged loading capacity which can cope with 34 cm dishes, these dishwashers are equipped to take on the challenges of the most demanding family. Automatically detecting the size of load and level of soiling, ProClean™ dishwashers have increased water pressure, five spray levels, satellite spray arms and more to deal with your dishes efficiently and hygienically.

XXL performance

When reaching for that extra pan or that extra-large serving dish, a serious cook should never have to worry about whether the dishwasher can cope. AEG’s ProClean™ Cleaning System takes it all in its stride, with the largest loading volume available (10 litres more than standard dishwashers), 5 spray levels and a double-action rotation arm that allows water spray to reach every corner.

Quiet efficiency

You may have just a few dishes to clean, or a party’s worth. Either way, you’ll find our dishwasher range is our quietest ever (at 46dB (A)), with most models having ‘AAA’ ratings for energy and efficiency whilst delivering uncompromising performance, whatever load. No fuss, no noise, no waste.