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Enjoy more flexibility and control when cooking on the deluxe AEG HK854320FB Electric Induction Hob. AEG induction cooking The AEG hob uses formidable induction heating to deliver uncompromised speed, efficiency and control. Copper-covered... Find out more
Offering power, convenience and safety features, the AEG HK624010FB Ceramic Hob is a smart and efficient option for your home cooking.This 60cm versatile ceramic hob has three different sizes of heat zones and a useful extendable cooking zone to... Find out more
Fast and responsive, efficient and stylish, the AEG HK604200IB Electric Induction Hob brings safe and intelligent cooking to the kitchen worktop.Induction heatingWith induction heating you can bring two litres of water to the boil in just one... Find out more
The AEG HK654400XB Electric Induction Hob showcases the latest intelligent cooking features and controls in a smart low-profile design.Sensible cookingThe AEG hob has AEG's MaxiSense technology that allows you to place your cooking pan anywhere as... Find out more
This smart AEG HK854400FB Electric induction Hob gives instant heating power that only heats the pan and nothing else. Enjoy the benefits of precision professional cooking. Induction cooking With unique zone-free induction hobs you can use any... Find out more
Maximise cooking options, work with precision control and keep things safe with the AEG HK634060XB Electric Ceramic Hob in black.Cooking controlFour hob elements provide sufficient cooking space for your pots and pans, and an extendable zone and... Find out more
Instant, precise, controllable and stylish, the AEG HK683320XG Electric Induction Hob brings safe and flexible cooking to your kitchen.Induction heatingBy using an induction hob, cooking becomes a much safer process. It uses a magnetic field to... Find out more

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