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Rustle up dinner in no time with the efficient and user-friendly AEG OptiHeat HK654200FB Electric Induction Hob.OptiHeat ControlOne of the quickest and most efficient ways to cook, induction cooking heats the pan and nothing else, so you spend... Find out more
Top features:- OptiHeat Control allows you to make efficient use of residual heat - Direct Touch controls keep you in complete control - Extra-wide hob offers a variety of cooking options OptiHeat Control allows you to make efficient use of... Find out more
Bring the very best of electric cooking into your kitchen with the AEG HK634200XB Induction Hob.Intelligent inductionThe AEG HK634200XB Induction Hob uses induction technology to deliver instant and easily controlled heat to your cooking.... Find out more
Top features: - Induction technology heats quickly and efficiently - FlexiBridge feature allows you to customise your own cooking area by combining up to four segments - Touch controls and safety features keep you in control of your cooking... Find out more
Top features:- Exact and instant temperature adjustment with touch controls - Induction heat offers efficient cooking options - Clean as you cook as the rest of the hob remains cool Exact and instant temperature adjustmentThe HK604200IB allows you... Find out more
Top features:- High performance cooking with five gas burners- Durable cast-irons supports keep your pans stableHigh performance cookingThe hob provides ample cooking space with five gas burners including a triple-crown 4 kW burner, ideal for... Find out more
Offering power, convenience and safety features, the AEG HK624010FB Ceramic Hob is a smart and efficient option for your home cooking.This 60cm versatile ceramic hob has three different sizes of heat zones and a useful extendable cooking zone to... Find out more
Top features: - Straightforward controls with a timer and touch control panel - Boil water easily using the PowerBoost function  - Designed to cater for larger families  Straightforward controls Closely monitor the progress of each and... Find out more
Top features:  - Single-handed ignition to get you cooking straight away  - Quick and easy cleaning  - Flame safety device for added peace of mind  Single-handed ignitionKeep one of your hands free while cooking, as you can ignite and control... Find out more
The AEG HK764070FB Ceramic Hob offers 4 cooking zones, easy to use touch controls and sophisticated features for convenient and satisfying cooking.AEG controlThe hob is built with responsive side panel touch controls for safe and easy access. With... Find out more
Top features:- Multiple-zone hob offers a range of cooking options - Touch controls make it easy to control the heat - OptiHeat enables you to make the most of residual heat to save energy Multiple-zone hobThe HK854080FB features a large,... Find out more
Top features: - Reduce cooking times by up to 20% with the high speed burners - Prepare delicious Asian cuisine with the triple ringed wok burner Reduce cooking times Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your meals thanks to... Find out more
Maximise cooking options, work with precision control and keep things safe with the AEG HK634060XB Electric Ceramic Hob in black.Cooking controlFour hob elements provide sufficient cooking space for your pots and pans, and an extendable zone and... Find out more
Top features: - Specially designed speed burners makes it easy to cook your food quickly - Generate maximum heat with the triple crown burner - Easily ignite your hob with single-handed controls Specially designed speed burnersQuickly prepare a... Find out more
With a stunning flat design and a slick fascia, the stainless steel AEG HG956440SM Gas Hob will look the part and serve you well in your kitchen.Turn up the heatThe hob provides a large cooking area with six cooking zones including a triple-crown... Find out more
Instant, precise, controllable and stylish, the AEG HK683320XG Electric Induction Hob brings safe and flexible cooking to your kitchen.Induction heatingBy using an induction hob, cooking becomes a much safer process. It uses a magnetic field to... Find out more
Top features: - Precision cooking and greater safety - Versatile cooking options with four burners, including a wok burner - Easy to clean Precision cooking and greater safetySpeed up your cooking by up to 20% as the design of this AEG HG65SY4550... Find out more
Top features: - Four gas burners for versatility - High efficiency burners save up to 20% energy - Tough cast iron supports for pan stability - Front controls provide easy operation Four gas burnersThis AEG HG654351SM Gas Hob features four... Find out more

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