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Top features: - Sophisticated design to compliment modern kitchens - Long lasting filter for better extraction - Halogen lamps illuminate your cooking surfaces - Electric controls offer a number of options Sophisticated designThe AEG DKB3950M... Find out more
Top features: - Tackle stubborn cooking smells with the included carbon filter  - Increase cooking visibility with halogen lamp lights - A modern stainless steel design to grace any kitchen Tackle stubborn cooking smellsBreathe new life into... Find out more
Top features:- Discreet design for seamless integration - Powerful motor removes smoke and odours effectively - Intuitive controls for simple operation - Reliable filtering performance with standard grease filter Discrete designThis... Find out more
Top features: - Remove bad air and lingering odours with the powerful motor  - Greater visibility of cooking surfaces with LED lighting  - Breeze Function for gentle extraction of air  - Automatic activation of your hood when paired with... Find out more
Top features:- Stylish cooker hood that complements your kitchen décor - Easy to use with mechanical controls - Halogen lamps will light up your cooking area Stylish in designSophisticated and simple, this AEG DVB3550B Chimney Cooker Hood is... Find out more
Top features: - Contemporary design to compliment modern kitchens - Effortless control for precision extraction - Halogen lights for brightly lit worktops - Long-lasting filter performance provides thorough extraction Contemporary designMatch... Find out more
Top features: - Powerful motor for thorough air extraction - LED lighting to improve visibility - Stainless steel design filter covers for greater efficiency - Hob2Hood technology for automatic activationPowerful motorThe powerful motor is... Find out more
Top features: - Thorough air extraction or recirculation with a powerful motor - Improved visibility of cooking surfaces with LED lighting - Stainless steel filter cover for greater efficiency - Automatic activation of your hood when paired with... Find out more
Top features:- Stylish and practical design for modern kitchens - Bright halogen lighting for greater visibility - Stainless steel filters are easy-to-clean Stylish and practical design A combination of stainless steel and glass have been... Find out more
Bring elegant style and supreme functionality to your kitchen with the AEG X-56143MD0 Chimney Cooker Hood. Perfect kitchen The X-56143-MD0 provides impressive extraction power, with a maximum rate of 430 m³ per hour. It can also be used to... Find out more
Create the atmosphere you want, and leave your kitchen feeling clean and fresh with the AEG HD8510-M Chimney Cooker Hood in silver. Simple, but effective The HD8510-M with electronic push button controls will quickly and effectively remove... Find out more
Top features: - Special design provides flexible installation - Great controls and features makes it easy to use - Clear vision and installation Special designThe unique and innovative stainless steel side panels on this premium cooker hood... Find out more

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