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These AEG washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers give you control over your essential cleaning and offer intuitive and practical technology to free you from kitchen chores. Balancing design harmonics and precision engineering, these appliances run at near silent noise levels and keep you in control of your cleaning.

AEG dishwashers run at astonishingly low sound levels and are designed to maximise loading space while delivering comprehensive and hygienic cleaning. Save time and energy by choosing an AEG washing machine and dishwasher to complete your kitchen.

Washing machine features

Gentle washing

Keep your clothes looking newer for longer, taking care of them with AEG’s intelligent laundry systems. With washing machines, washer dryers and dryers, this range has choices for all households. The stunning Neue Kollektion washing machines include the OptiSense washing system which automatically takes care of different load types. Combined with the new ProTex drum which operates gently and efficiently, these AEG washing machines and dryers will keep your clothes happy.

Comprehensive cleaning

Making sure even the biggest loads get the attention they need, the Advanced Washing technology (AWT) produces a continuous shower, beginning with rapid saturation to eliminate the chance of detergent staining your clothes.

Steam technology

Steam technology is featured in the AEG laundry range. The three steam settings minimise the effort required for ironing by smoothing out creases and folds, removing odours, refreshing delicate fabrics and giving you the ability to wash and dry dry-clean only garments.

Gold medal drying

Reliable and gentle, the SensiDry® range uses heat-pump technology to dry at lower temperatures. The results are so impressive that it has received a gold certificate from Woolmark, the world’s leading authority on wool and wool care.

Sensor drying

AEG washer dryers deliver total control, giving you the freedom to leave your machine to do its work, and saving on energy. Sensor drying allows you to select a setting and let the machine take care of your clothes. Choose settings for ready-to-wear results or clothes which are easy to iron and the machine will stop when it detects the best moisture levels.

Inverter technology

The inverter motor in AEG washing machines works in the same way as those used in professional machines - without brushes and at a cooler temperature. The advantage is that it extends the working life of the motor, ensuring that it can continue to deliver the same ultra-silent peformance for far longer.

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