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Deciding upon a cooling appliance is one of the most important decisions for your kitchen. You want to ensure that the time and money invested in quality produce is not wasted, but extended, by the food preservation you invest in.

The AEG range features innovative internal design and technology for optimum food storage. Clean colours, metal look trims, full width glass shelves and transparent freezer drawers for stylish internal design makes AEG cooling a perfect addition to any kitchen. Flexible food storage is enhanced with half depth glass shelves in addition to full width.

Refrigeration features


AEG ProFresh fridge-freezers stay frost-free while keeping your food at its best. Two independent circuits cool the refrigerator and freezer compartments separately, keeping the freezer free of frost while maintaining the refrigerated food’s natural moisture, thereby preserving its quality and maintaining vitamin content.

A brighter view

LED lighting inside the fridge with a ‘rise-on’ effect provides crisp, contemporary illumination.

Precise control

AEG fridges and freezers feature advanced LCD displays with Touch Controls allowing you to set temperatures precisely and instantly.


Just press this button to chill large amounts of fresh food, such as the weekly shop, at the optimum storage temperature. For extra peace of mind, an extra chill setting is automatically activated when large quantities of fresh food are placed in the fridge.

Perfect storage

AEG’s LongFresh storage drawers can be set individually to create conditions ideal for their contents. Meat, cheese and fish, for example, are best kept at 0°C with low humidity.

Air-Purifier system

The Air-Purifier system purifies the air that has been passed throughout the fridge and removed odours so they are not transported around the fridge between unwrapped foods in the fridge.

Holiday function

This allows you to keep the fridge shut and empty for extended periods, such as holidays, without the formation of odours.

NoFrost Freezers

AEG’s NoFrost function the humidity in the freezer is constantly extracted, so there’s practically no build-up of ice, meaning no need to defrost the freezer.


Rapid freezing is convenient, economical and preserves the food’s quality and appearance. The AEG Frostmatic function automatically selects the appliance’s maximum freezer temperature, freezing large quantities of fresh food quickly and efficiently.

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