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One of the most popular MP3 players around, the iPod touch is the ultimate entertainment device you can take almost anywhere. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, yet has an incredible 16GB memory so there’s plenty of room for all your favourite songs.

Every Apple iPod touch has an easy to use menu that allows you to scroll through artists, albums and songs, meaning even when you’re on the go you can easily select your soundtrack. Whether you’re travelling to and from work or trekking through the countryside, an iPod touch allows you to enjoy your music in peace without any distractions.

When you connect your iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network you can surf the web and make use of a number of useful apps. The Facetime app lets you make video calls to friends and family, and iMessage lets you send unlimited text messages. The Instagram app lets you capture and share photos instantly. You can also visit the iTunes Store where you can download albums and tracks from all your favourite bands and artists, and iCloud automatically makes everything you download available on all your devices.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art portable MP3 player that will allow you to do much more than just listen to music, the Apple iPod touch is the ideal choice.

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