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Extend your WiFi connection throughout your entire home with the Asus RP-N53 WiFi Booster. Whether you have a weak router or a large home, the Asus RP-N53 extends your internet connection to the furthest reaches of your home, giving you a faster,... Find out more
Expand and improve the wireless coverage in your home with this Asus EA-AC87 Wireless Range Extender. Quad-antenna technology The Asus EA-AC87's 4x4 MIMO antenna technology offers superior range and reliability, without requiring any additional... Find out more
If you want to upgrade your WiFi coverage, do it with the Asus RP-AC52 WiFi Booster.Next-generation Wi-Fi everywhereWith powerful internal MIMO antennas, the Asus extender removes signal dead zones to enhance coverage on your current router. The... Find out more
Boost the performance of your home's wireless network with the Asus RP-N12 WiFi Range Extender.The Asus RP-N12 takes the signal from your router and sends it into the furthest reaches of your home. It's an ideal solution to weak signals in attic... Find out more

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