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Revolutionise your music experience with our on-ear headphones range.

The on-ear headphone design is comforting with padded ear-cushions, premium sound quality making them the ideal headphone when you’re listening to music at home or on the go.

The Beats by Dre on-ear headphones will not compromise on performance with noise-isolating and noise-cancelling features ensuring that you can block out those irritating external sounds without any interruptions. Make it all about the music and nothing else. Beats by Dre UK headphones are ideal for any music lover, providing you with that sought-after idyllic sound. Check out the range today including the new Beats Executives.

Our Sennheiser range offers the perfect mix between quality and affordability. With an option to suit most, the Sennheiser on-ear headphone range offers the perfect fit, whether you’re a DJ, or listening to your music on the bus or train to work or school.

When it comes to your music don’t compromise on performance Currys range of headphones offers you the ability to get the most out your media.

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