The Audio Buying Guide

Finding the perfect way to listen to your music gets more complex each year as technology continues to advance and evolve.

We believe it should be easy and fun to browse through all the audio device types out there – so to help you on your journey, we’ve created this audio buying guide with five easy-to-understand segments. Find the ideal music system that suits your listening preferences, living space and portability requirements.

You may want a more traditional system for listening to CDs and other sources at home, or you may want to fit your house with a multi-room speaker system that lets your family enjoy different sounds in each room. Consider a more compact speaker for docking your iPod or wirelessly playing songs from your phone using Bluetooth when you’re enjoying a picnic outdoors. Or you might just want a new radio to liven up your kitchen.

Each segment in our audio buying guide will help you to understand the products that are available so you can pick the Hi-Fi, Dock, Speaker, Radio, Boombox or Multi-Room Speaker System that’s right for you.

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Our recommendations

How do you intend to listen to you music? Multi-Room Audio Wireless speakers that can be used individually or chained together to fill your home with music Speakers Include models with iPod docks, speakers with wireless Bluetooth and NFC, and water- and dust-proof speakers Hi-Fi Can play CDs and combine benefits of other systems, from Bluetooth to DAB. Choose from traditional, flat-panel, and megasound. Radio Available in digital or analogue formats. Choose from traditional, clock or boombox models with CD players and multiple connections
Internet Music Streaming

You can access a huge catalogue of songs from online services such as Spotify and Napster or access numerous internet radio

Yes Yes
Personal Music Library

Your phone, tablet or laptop can access libraries, such as iTunes, to play music to a range of wireless speakers via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Yes Yes
CD Did you know?
You can copy music from a CD to your personal music library on your computer.

Listen to your CD collection from any music era.

Yes Did you know?
You can copy music from a CD to your personal music library on your computer.

For listening to your favourite stations via DAB and/or FM.

Yes  Yes Yes

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