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The iPod - Apple’s phenomenal digital music player is sleek, stylish and easy to use with a variety of  models to suit every possible requirement.

We’re pleased to offer the new full iPod range - the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Classic - each with their own advantages!

The interactive iPod Touch lets you enjoy your multimedia entertainment at your fingertips. Available from an 8GB iPod Touch through to a huge 64GB iTouch, you can watch videos, view photos, listen to music, browse the web and play your favourite games on the 3.5" touch screen.

If you want to get the even more media on your iPod, you want to think about the iPod Classic. A chunky, durable frame is available in stylish black or silver and it boasts an incredible 160GB of storage. This iPod can carry every song you can think of - up to 40,000!

Want iPod style and mobility more than capacity? The iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle are for you. Find an 8GB Nano or a 16GB Nano in seven electrifying colours. The iPod Shuffle comes in 2GB Shuffle and 4GB Shuffle models and a full range of colours. Both models are perfect for music on the go and make a great fashion accessory!