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Designed for quality and reliability, the Beko CXFG1685W Fridge Freezer features intuitive storage to keep your food fresh and delicious.Our experts love that by circulating cool air around the freezer cavity, these frost free Beko fridge freezers... Find out more
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Designed to deliver flexible storage, the exclusive Beko Select CXFG1685DW Fridge Freezer with built-in water dispenser makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. Reversible doors The Beko CXFG1685DW is designed with reversible doors for... Find out more
Bring intelligent refrigeration into your home with the Beko CXFD825W Fridge Freezer in white. Freezer guard Beko's Freezer Guard technology lets you place your freezer anywhere in your home. From the kitchen to the garage, it keeps your food... Find out more
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With the exclusive Beko CFMD7852X Fridge Freezer you'll enjoy large and versatile storage for all kinds of food, with high-performance features and a stylish stainless steel finish. Our experts love the Multi-Zone feature that brings unrivalled... Find out more
The Beko CFD5834APS Fridge Freezer offers excellent storage for any family home with a convenient water dispenser.Generous storageWith a total of 149 litres of fridge capacity and 87 litres freezer capacity, you can enjoy ample storage to store... Find out more
Designed for larger households, this 237-litre BC73F Integrated Fridge Freezer by Beko boasts a massive 189-litre fridge capacity and a generous 48-litre freezer compartment.  Energy efficient The Beko BC73-F Tall Fridge Freezer is rated A+ for... Find out more
This black Beko ASL141B American-Style Fridge Freezer offers huge storage space for your family's groceries, plus a range of advanced chilling features to optimise freshness and longevity.Gallons of roomStore all the fresh and frozen food you need... Find out more
With a huge 630 litres capacity, the Beko ASD241S American-Style Fridge Freezer has plenty of space for all the family favourites and food essentials.Stay freshEngineered with NeoFrost technology, the ASD241S boasts two fans and evaporators to... Find out more
Enjoy stylish, large capacity refrigeration with the Beko Select GNE60520X American-Style Fridge Freezer in stainless steel.Generous storageWith a gross capacity just over 600 litres, you'll never have to worry about finding space after big... Find out more
Bring intelligent refrigeration into your home with the Beko CXFD825S Fridge Freezer in matt silver. Freezer guard Beko's Freezer Guard technology lets you place your freezer anywhere in your home. From the kitchen to the garage, it keeps your... Find out more
Classic design fused with large capacity refrigeration makes the Beko CF6004APW Fridge Freezer a smart addition to any modern kitchen.Reversible doorsThe Beko CF6004APW is designed with reversible doors for the ultimate convenience. Choose which... Find out more
The Beko CXF825W Fridge Freezer offers a space-saving and functional design with sleek gloss finish.Refreshingly coolOffering ample storage space, the CXF825W features four glass shelves, door racks and salad crisper in the fridge compartment,... Find out more
Choose the Beko CFP1675DS Fridge Freezer in cool silver for flexible storage and tasteful design.Non-plumbed water dispenserThe cool, fresh still water dispenser is made even better by being un-plumbed, meaning you don't have to up-root your whole... Find out more

Beko make reliable fridge freezers that look great. Beko fridge freezers are compact so they can take care of all your chilling and freezing needs without taking up valuable room in your kitchen. Beko fridge freezers are available in a range of styles including double door and upright variations.

When you cook a big meal or have leftovers of any kind it makes sense to be able to store excess food for later rather than throwing it away. Keeping surplus food and groceries chilled in a Beko fridge freezer is a safe and hygienic way to make it last longer and freezing meat, fish or vegetables will lock in freshness and nutrients.

The Beko ASD241S is an American-style, two door fridge freezer that’s perfect if you have a large family and like to stock up on essentials and your usual groceries. With more room inside you’ll need to take less trips to the shops, saving you time and effort. The ASD241S has been specially engineered with NeoFrost technology, two fans and evaporators, which means your groceries will stay fresher for longer.

If you’re looking to maximise the space in your kitchen a Beko fridge freezer combines two appliances in one and will look good wherever you place it.

Need more space? Check out our range of stylish Beko American fridge freezers.

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