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Designed for modern living, Beko have formed a wide range of clever laundry capabilities providing greater control over your day to day laundry tasks.

Simple and easy to operate, the Beko dishwasher appliances posses features that can save you time and energy – giving you the freedom to enjoy the less arduous activities.

Beko laundry and dishwasher appliances are developed to compliment any kitchen or laundry area, fitting into those tight spots for easy installation.

Beko white dishwasher

Laundry features

Intuitive design

Every Beko washing machine and tumble dryer features a progress indicator light so you can easily see which part of the laundry programme your machine is at. Beko laundry appliances also have large doors to makes the loading and unloading much easier.


For peace of mind, Beko give you the option to run eco clean programmes that are big on saving energy and still provide ‘A class’ washing results. The environmentally friendly cycles help you save money by achieving reductions in energy consumption.

The market leading Beko ECO WMB81455L provides you with two washes for the price of one with ‘A+++’ energy rating.

Capacity for everyone

Whatever capacity you need, Beko washing machine options cater for the smaller households to the larger families. Wash larger loads less often with the ultimate 9 kg drum capacity or opt for the energy saving 5 kg or 6 kg capacity drum for multiple-load washing days.

Time management

To save you time the clever laundry appliances from Beko can wash a full 9kg load in just 39 minutes, or a lighter 2kg load in only 14 minutes!

Beko tumble dryers also feature a quick 35 minutes for 2kg of laundry, meaning you could have your favourite outfit washed and dried in only 49 minutes.


Wash when it’s convenient for you – all the new washing machine models have a time display to show how many minutes are left of a cycle and a handy time delay function, giving you even more control of your laundry.

'Dry & Save'

Beko looks after you and your garments at every stage of the laundry cycle. The new ‘Dry & Save’ heat pump technology reuses the heat from extracted warm, damp air to finish drying the load, using less energy and saving you more money. This means that Beko washing machines use 50% less energy than most of the models on the market (which are C energy rated).

Dishwasher features

AAA rating

Designed to provide the best cleaning and drying performance, Beko dishwashers provide A energy rating or better to help reduce your energy bills and care for the environment .

One Touch and you’re done

Never worry about which dishwasher programme or temperature to use again! The Beko “One Touch” model does all the hard work for you. This first fully automatic dishwasher has 11 different sensors that calculate how to deliver the best cleaning results, with minimal water and energy consumption. All you have to do is push a button.

Fast and efficient

Beko’s reliable “Quick and Clean” programme achieves perfect cleaning results every time, an amazing A energy rated wash at 60°C in 58 minutes.


Should unexpected visitors arrive the handy “Rapid” programme washes lightly soiled crockery and cutlery at 35°C in only 30 minutes.

Low on noise

Beko are proud to offer a range of quiet dishwashers with some models even achieving the whisper quiet level of 44 dB


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