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Beko refrigeration is packed with handy storage solutions and a choice of quality cooling features. With great energy efficiency and improved performance, the Beko fridge and freezer ranges are developed to make your daily life easier.

With a huge choice of luxury finishes and attractive styles you can be sure to find the perfect storage appliance from the UK’s top refrigeration brand.

Refrigeration features

Freezer guard technology

Wherever you house your freezer, the winter months can take their toll on your appliances. Beko’s reliable “Freezer Guard” technology means that even when the air temperature drops to -15 C, your food remains safely stored as the freezer continues to work.

Water dispenser

Refreshing, chilled water on tap is the ultimate in convenience. Beko has the largest range of stored water dispensers on the market providing you with instant refreshment. Enjoy the convenience of over two litres of refreshing chilled water on tap for all the family.

Multi-zone use

The ultimate in flexibility, the versatile Beko “Multi-zone” compartment allows you to switch from freezer to chiller to fridge at the touch of a button. With three temperatures to choose from, the “Multi-zone” is perfect for frozen pizzas and ice cream, refrigerating fresh fruit and vegetables or as a chiller to cool wine.

Dual-cooling system

To help keep your produce stay fresher for longer, the Beko “Dual-cooling” system creates a higher level of humidity inside the refrigerator thanks to its separate cooling and freezing compartments and even prevents unpleasant odours.


Fast freezing helps your foods nutritional values and flavours last longer by freezing quickly and safely.


Beko’s clever “Frost-free” technology means you need never defrost your freezer again.


Do your bit for the environment and save money on your energy bills with an A+ energy rated Beko refrigerator that is 20% more energy efficient.


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