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Induction technology

The latest smarter, faster, safer greener induction technology is now available on the 90cm DB4 90Ei and Classic 90Ei models. By generating inside the pan, rather than on the hob surface, induction is approximately 30% more efficient than a gas hob and 25% more than a ceramic hob.

32amp connection

Belling has developed its entire Induction range cooker collection to operate on a 32 Amp circuit, enabling lower power consumption and making the transition from dual fuel to electric much easier for the consumer.

Largest capacity tall oven

Thanks to their dedication to design and choice, Belling bring you the largest tall oven available on a 90cm Range cooker. Whether it is baking batches of your favourite cakes or multi-tasking for those big family meals, this oven gives you all the cooking space you need. To help you make the most of all that capacity, there are no less than 25 shelf positions, wide enough to take standard trays.

AA Energy rating

Belling is proud that all of its electric and dual fuel Range cookers come with the optimum AA rating for energy performance

Easy clean interior

Belling range cookers feature a specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface – allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

Made in Britain

Belling is proud to be part of the only major cooking appliance manufacturer that builds freestanding cookers, built in ovens & hobs and range cookers right here in the UK, making uniquely British products for British cooks. Belling products are made with pain-staking attention to detail and its production site is purposely split into small teams who work solely on just one product, carefully assembling each and every appliance from the ground up, by hand.

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