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Top features: - Keep your oven looking great with easy-clean enamel - Cook large meals easily with two oven cavities and four gas burners - Safe and flexible design keeps your kitchen safe and looking good Keep your oven looking greatScrubbing... Find out more
Top features: - Cook the perfect roast with this conventional gas oven - The programmable cook-to-off timer takes the hassle out of meal times - Crisp and brown your food with open door grilling Cook the perfect roastGas ovens will naturally... Find out more
Top features:- Cook the perfect roast with this conventional gas oven- Crisp and brown your food with open door grilling- The programmable cook-to-off timer takes the hassle out of meal timesCook the perfect roastGas ovens will naturally be hotter... Find out more
This innovative Belling FSG60DO Gas Cooker with Electric Grill combines a conventional gas oven, a four-zone gas hob, and an electric grill for exceptionally versatile cooking! With its stainless steel finish, this double oven also looks... Find out more
Top features: - Automatic gas cut-off feature keeps you and your home safe - Conventional cooking for a delicious, crispy finish - ideal for roasts - Effortless cleaning thanks to easy clean enamel lining and the removable inner glass... Find out more
Top features: - Cook the perfect roast with this conventional gas oven - Open door grilling is perfect for crisping food - Keep your oven looking sparkling clean with the removable inner door glass Cook the perfect roastGas ovens will... Find out more
Top features: - Preparing meals for couples and small families is easy with the compact 99 litre capacity - Great results with conventional gas and open door grilling - Easy maintenance with removable inner door glass Compact capacityPreparing... Find out more
Top features: - Fan control oven for even heat distribution - Gas grill with variable temperature - Hob space with four burners - Easy cleaning with enamel interiors Fan control The gas oven is supported by a fan, giving you fantastic... Find out more
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The Belling CFG60DOF Gas Cooker offers versatile cooking options, ideal when you've got a family to feed or guests to entertain.Fan & conventional cookingThe main oven cavity offers both conventional and fan cooking, making it ideal for everyday... Find out more
Top features: - Simply wipe away mess with easy clean enamel lining and removable inner glass door - Automatic gas cut-off will keep you and your home safe - Enjoy cooking simplicity with a conventional gas oven Easy wipe away messSpend less... Find out more
Make your oven the focus of your kitchen when you bring home the Belling FSG50DO Gas Cooker. Cooking with gasThis stylish double oven boasts over 40 litres of space in the main oven, so you can be sure there'll be plenty of room for everything you... Find out more
Top features: - Roast to perfection with conventional gas heating in the oven cavity - Quick and simple maintenance with easy clean enamel liners - Safely fry and boil on the hob with flame supervision devices Roast to perfection You can... Find out more
The Belling FSG60DOF Gas Cooker is a great all-round cooking centre with two gas ovens, an electric grill and a four-burner gas hob.Fanned gas ovenEnjoy all the benefits of a reliable gas oven with the added power of an electric fan that you can... Find out more
Enjoy cooking and serving delicious meals in your kitchen with the freestanding Belling FSG60DOP Gas Cooker in white.Cooking for the whole familyThe Belling FSG60DOP has two oven cavities - one is 48-litre medium-capacity main oven, while the... Find out more
Offering a fanned gas oven and solid gas hob, the black Belling FSG55 TCF Gas Cooker is a great cooker for the busy home kitchen. Fan control Unlike traditional gas ovens, this cooker has a fan which you can use to encourage more even heat... Find out more
Top features: - Three available ovens offer a large amount of cooking space - Seven burner gas hob with wok burner - Easy-clean enamel makes it easy to keep the range cooker clean Three available ovensThe Kensington 100G has three... Find out more
Enjoy everyday cooking with the freestanding 60 cm wide black Belling FSG60DOP Gas Cooker. Everyday cooking for all of the family The Belling FSG60DOP caters for all your cooking needs with a 48-litre medium-capacity conventional main oven and a... Find out more
Top features: - Cook food evenly each time thanks to fan oven cooking - Grill food quickly and easily with an open door grill - Easy-clean enamel liners make cleaning easy - Rated A for energy efficiency for reduced running costs Cook food... Find out more
Cook simple home cooking with the freestanding Belling FSG60DOF Gas Cooker. Oven and grill The Belling FSG60DOF includes two gas ovens. The main oven is a 59-litre cavity and the secondary oven offers 35 litres of cooking space - plenty of room to... Find out more
The freestanding Belling FSG60DOF Gas Cooker offers complete cooking flexibility and comes with a sleek, black finish. This product has a gas oven which features a fan, ensuring the heat is evenly distributed to deliver excellent cooking results... Find out more

At Currys we have a broad selection of Belling gas cookers with plenty of user-friendly features to help you make all the meals you love. With gas hobs and gas ovens, these cookers offer reliable, easily controlled heat.

Whatever you want to cook, we have a gas cooker that is up to the task with models boasting regular and high-speed burners, perfect for rustling up quick and healthy Asian dishes.

Available in different widths to fit into your kitchen, our collection of Belling gas cookers all feature spacious ovens with easy-to-clean liners and plenty of room to work with.

Some models feature handy additions such as hob lids that double up as splashbacks to protect your walls from splashes and stains. When not in use, the lid can be lowered to act as a convenient extra work surface. Choose from a variety of colours and finishes and make a Belling cooker the heart of your kitchen.

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