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Bring intelligent induction technology into your home with the Belling IHT613 Electric Induction Hob. This stylish hob works on a 13 amp power supply making it an easy and efficient home appliance. Powerful heating Nearly twice as fast as a gas... Find out more
Top features: - Quick and easy to use- Safety first thanks to the hot hob indicatorQuick and easy to useThe 4-zone electric hob is built with simple front-facing touch button controls, adding a modern touch and ensuring easy and safe operation.... Find out more
With a black glass finish, the Belling CT601 Electric Ceramic Hob deliver stylish, powerful cooking at the touch of a button. Touch control Sleek and simple to use, the CT601's front-mounted touch controls let you set the temperature of... Find out more
The Belling CH60RX Ceramic Hob is finished in a stylish black, making it a good fit for the modern kitchen. This 4-element hob is easy to clean thanks to its smooth ceramic surface, interrupted only by the rotary controls on the side.Powerful... Find out more
Top features: - Turn up the heat with five burners - Easy to control thanks to dial controls - Safety in the kitchen with flame failure devices Turn up the heatThrow together hot, delicious meals in a matter of minutes with the GHU70GC and... Find out more
Top features: - Five burners offer plenty of space- Great control over your cooking- Safety in the kitchen with flame failure devicesFive burnersThis Gas Hob from Belling brings together 5 burners offering a variety of power settings. The wok... Find out more
The black Belling GHU60GE Gas Hob hosts a range of features for more convenient food preparation including automatic ignition and simple control dials.Precise gas cookingEnjoy precise and powerful heat power with the GHU60GE Hob and its four... Find out more
Sleek good looks aren't all there is to the Belling CH-60TX Ceramic Hob – beneath its smooth black surface is a stack of versatile cooking power that's sure to give you hours of gastronomic creative pleasure.Pure power The CH-60-TX Hob offers 9... Find out more
Top features: - Spacious cooking surface with four powerful burners - Easy to clean with a flame failure device for safety Spacious cooking surface The Belling GHU60GC Gas Hob has four powerful gas burners, all of different sizes, so that you... Find out more
With durable cast iron supports and auto ignition, enjoy fast and reliable cooking with the Belling GHU60GC Gas Hob.The choice of professionals - gas hobs deliver instant and variable heat and the the GHU60GC lets you get complete control over... Find out more
Make your kitchen counter a commanding cook station with the Belling GHU70TGC LPG Hob - the powerful hob provides 5 gas burners including a wok burner!Ignite your love for cookingThe large 70 cm gas hob is built with strong cast iron supports... Find out more
Belling's CH70TX Ceramic Hob is a touch-controlled 70 cm black, easy-clean ceramic hob that will look great built in any kitchen.Plenty of functions With 4 cooking zones, the Fastlite elements have much faster heat response than standard ceramic... Find out more
Top features: - Induction technology delivers powerful and efficient heating - Stay in control with a cook-to-off timer and minute minder - Range of safety features to keep you safe while cooking Induction technology The BEL IHT60 features... Find out more
The Belling GHU60GE Gas Hob is an attractive and affordable hob with 4 burners. Its traditional design will appeal to those who don't want their kitchen to look like a spaceship!Made in Britain, the Belling GHU60GE sports 1 large burner, 2 medium... Find out more
The Belling IH60R Induction Hob is a great flush-fitting solution for your kitchen and culinary needs. Induction intelligence This 4-zone Induction Hob from Belling provides smarter, faster, safer and greener technology with induction cooking.... Find out more
Cooking meals for your family is a stylish experience when you bring home the Belling GHU60GE Gas Hob, perfectly designed for your built-in kitchen. Powerful gas cooking There are 4 gas burners on the GHU-60GE so you can boil and fry with ease.... Find out more
Bolster your kitchen counter into a commanding cook station with the Belling GHU70TGC LPG Hob - the powerful hob provides 5 gas burners including a wok burner!Ignite your love for cookingThe wide 70 cm gas hob is built with strong cast iron... Find out more
Top features: - Cook with precision using the four adjustable LPG burners - Simple heat control with front facing, auto-ignition dials Cook with precisionWhether you're frying or gently simmering, you can cook with precision using this Belling... Find out more
Top features: - Modernise your kitchen with this induction hob - Prevent food from burning with the smart cook-to-off featureModernise your kitchenMake cooking easier with the modern functionality of this Belling BELIHF64T Electric Induction... Find out more
Make the most of the easy usability and close cooking control of the smart black Belling GHU60TGC LPG Hob. Heating up This 60 cm hob is created for use with LPG rather than natural gas. There are 4 burners with 5 power levels, easily controlled... Find out more

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