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The Bosch WVG30461GB Washer Dryer delivers high quality cleaning, providing excellent results while maintaining energy efficiency.EcoSilence DriveThe EcoSilence Drive at the heart of the WVG30461GB uses magnets rather than brushes to rotate around... Find out more
The attractive Bosch WVG3046SGB Washer Dryer in silver features a revolutionary motor, which is quiet, fast and more energy efficient than its previous models.Its large, easy-to-operate display is more than just a pretty feature. You can see... Find out more
Convenient, economical cleaning is all part of the package, with the Bosch WVH28422GB Washer Dryer.VarioPerfectDesigned to fit around you and your lifestyle – the WVH28422GB's VarioPerfect lets you speed up your laundry by up to 65%, while still... Find out more
Wash and dry your laundry with ease using the Bosch WKD28541GB Integrated Washer Dryer.ControlWith nine different wash programs and two drying programs available, you can be confident of finding the ideal setting for your laundry. The WKD28541GB... Find out more
Delivering optimum results every time thanks to sensor technology, the Bosch WKD28351GB Integrated Washer Dryer can be discreetly built-in to your kitchen or utility area.With revolutionary ActiveWater technology, the WKD28351GB only uses the... Find out more

When it comes to laundry, Bosch washer dryers will make light work of even the most soiled clothes, and because you can dry too, you won’t have to hang your clothes on a line or wait all day before you can put them away.

If you have a big family, you’ll know how difficult it is to stay on top of the household chores, so it makes sense to use appliances that can save you time and each Bosch washer dryer is fully programmable, so you can do quick washes that will also use less water and be better for the environment.

Bosch washer dryers are practical and affordable and can handle tough stains like blood, grass and grease with ease. Bosch washer dryers are compact so they won’t take up too much of your valuable floor space, yet they still have a generous capacity inside.

If you can’t find a Bosch washer dryer you like the look of, check out our complete range of reliable, affordable Indesit washer dryers instead. And if you’re looking for a brand that’s synonymous with washer dryers, take a look at our selection of Hotpoint washer dryers.

When you need to speed up laundry day, a Bosch washer dryer is the ideal appliance for your home.

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