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Tackle your household's laundry with ease when you use the Bosch WAE28462GB Washing Machine.Quick and easy cleaningPre-programmed with 15 different programs, you'll find that this washing machine can handle everything you throw at it. Catering to... Find out more
Take the hassle out of doing laundry with the 6 kg Bosch WAB28261GB Washing Machine and keep your clothes clean while reducing your energy bills.VarioPerfectVarioPerfect technology makes the WAB28261GB Washing Machine a far more efficient way to... Find out more
Offering options for fast and efficient washing, the Bosch WAB24161GB Washing Machine is ideal for large families who want their clothes cleaned quickly and easily.SpeedPerfectSpeedPerfect technology makes the WAB24161GB a far more efficient way... Find out more
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The Bosch WAQ243D1G Washing Machine delivers powerful and reliable laundry care for busier homes and comes with VarioPerfect and ActiveWater technology for incredible efficiency. This Bosch washing machine is one of the most energy efficient... Find out more
The Bosch WAQ284D0GB Washing Machine delivers exceptional cleaning quality in an economical appliance that lets you clean up to 8 kg of your families washing at once.VarioPerfectVarioPerfect technology makes the WAQ284D0GB Washing Machine all... Find out more
Bring superb cleaning to your kitchen with the stunning Bosch WAW32560GB Washing Machine in white. With fantastic features that make washing your laundry easier than ever, you'll be able to let your washing machine do all of the hard work whilst... Find out more
Enjoy washing simplicity with the Bosch WAT28460GB Washing Machine. This smart white appliance has a whole host of features that make laundry day easier than ever. A perfect wash time after time With VarioPerfect technology, you'll be able to... Find out more
The Bosch WAT28350GB Washing Machine offers a 9 kg capacity and 1400 rpm spin speed to help you tackle heavy laundry days, with beautifully clean results every time. A+++ energy rating Bosch's renowned quality engineering means the WAT28350GB is... Find out more
For super quiet, efficient and thorough washing, the Bosch WIS28441GB Integrated Washing Machine in cool white is a great option. ActiveWater Plus Innovative ActiveWater technology ensure that only the right amount of water is used for every... Find out more
The Bosch Classixx 6 WAE28167GB VarioPerfect Washing Machine works hard for the average family home, quickly cleaning your clothes and giving you loads of flexibility with multiple wash cycles.Helping your householdThanks to its 6 kg capacity, the... Find out more
Take advantage of the latest cleaning technology with the Bosch WAQ2836SGB Washing Machine. Programmed for perfection The WAQ2836S-GB has a selection of 15 programmes, including a Woollens Hand Wash programme and a Delicates mode that's suited... Find out more
Use the Bosch Maxx WAE24377GB Washing Machine to its full potential and wash large loads of 7 kg at a time.Comprehensive cleaningWith a large 7 kg drum, theWAE24377GB is perfect for busy households and means you'll be doing fewer loads,... Find out more
Packed full of the latest features and technology, the Bosch WAE28377GB Washing Machine is the ideal way to keep on top of your household's laundry requirements.Quick and easy cleaningPre-programmed with 15 different programmes, you'll find that... Find out more
Let the Bosch WIS2414GB Integrated Washing Machine take care of your household laundry needs and deliver a wash-day that is both efficient and effective. Easy cleaning Designed to seamlessly integrate into a fitted kitchen, this Bosch washing... Find out more
Bring home advanced wash technology with the smart white Bosch WAW28660GB Washing Machine. Intelligent dosing system Take the hassle out of washing with the i-Dos system built into the WAW28660GB. The intelligent dosing system calculates how... Find out more
Benefit from Bosch's clever technology with the WAW28560GB Washing Machine in white.Programmed to perfectionWith 14 programmes to choose from and a wealth of functions, you'll never be stuck beating even the toughest of stains.The WAW28560GB has a... Find out more
The Bosch WAT24460GB Washing Machine contains a range of economical and user-friendly features that will leave your clothes fresher than ever.VarioPerfectFor economical, powerful washing the Bosch WAT24460GB ticks all boxes. Catering for all your... Find out more
Beautifully energy efficient, the A+++ energy rated Bosch WAY28791GB Washing Machine delivers powerful, reliable cleaning for the whole family.VarioPerfectWith VarioPerfect technology, you can find the perfect cycle to suit you and your laundry.... Find out more

Get some help with your laundry with German precision engineering from Bosch. Bosch washing machines feature the latest laundry technology to make light work of the weekly wash. From large capacity to compact washing machines , whatever your family’s needs we’ve got a washing machine to match.

Our Bosch washing machines come in a range of widths and capacities – from 6kg models to 9kg models – so however much space you have in the kitchen or laundry room, and however much washing you need to tackle each day, you’ll find a machine to fit. With a wealth of clever programmes to choose from, including quick wash functions that get your clothes clean in just 15 minutes, you can be sure your fabrics are perfectly cleaned and cared for.

All of our Bosch washing machines are eco-conscious, with energy ratings from A+ to A+++, so you’ll save money and energy with every spin. Bosch’s VarioPerfect system gives you total control of your laundry too. If you're in a hurry, you can speed up the washing process by up to 65%, and if you want to wash your laundry economically, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% - and all just by pressing a button.

For real convenience and cleaning power for your laundry needs, Bosch washing machines offer stylish machines of all sizes that are perfect for your home.

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