Refrigeration buying guide introduction
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American style fridge freezers buying guide

If you need a stylish fridge and freezer combination with space to spare, consider an American-style fridge freezer.

Larger than conventional fridge freezers, these appliances traditionally offer a side-by-side configuration for maximum chilling and freezing space in one unit, although multi-door models are also available.

American-style fridge freezers are equipped with advanced technology and features that grant you greater control and usability – consider which of these will be best for your home.

Look out for 'our experts love' products when you browse the range. Our experts recommend these refrigerators for their technological advancements and innovative features.

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Capacity & type

Everyone needs to store different kinds of food to suit lifestyle and household requirements flexibly and economically. Find a refrigerator that offers the size, layout and features to store the type of food you buy, in the way you want.

Fridge freezer storage
American style fridge freezer

Food freshness

More American-style fridge freezers now feature technology that keeps your food fresher, tastier and healthier for longer.

Rapid cooling
Advanced technology
Adjustable temperature zones
American style fridge freezer dispenser


Appliances with flexible storage solutions let you configure the fridge space as you require.

Configurable space
Door storage
Practical features
Dedicated compartments
Freezer storage
American style fridge freezer

Water and ice dispenser

Why not enjoy an instant glass of ice-cold water or ice for your drinks on tap with a built-in dispenser? You won’t need to wait for ice trays to freeze, and plumbed appliances let you enjoy as much frosty convenience as you like.

Some American-style fridge freezers even dispense crushed ice – perfect for cocktails. Models with dispensers generate water and ice at the touch of a button, adding a touch of convenient luxury to proceedings.

Plumbed dispensers
Non-plumbed dispensers View our range of replacement filters
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Inside American style fridge freezer

Energy rating

Our American-style fridge freezers are labelled with energy ratings from A+ to A++ and the running cost per year to help you manage your energy bills.

A+ to A+++ can give you up to 50% energy savings.
A+ to A++ can give you up to 20% energy savings.
A to A+ can give you up to 10% energy savings.

Work out an appliance’s annual running costs by multiplying kWh used by 0.1427 (the average national cost of electricity + VAT).

Costs may vary according to how much you pay for your local electricity supply.

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American style fridge freezer

Other features

Many of our American-style fridge freezers incorporate exciting technology to care for your food, use less energy and generally make your life easier.

Low-power lighting
Digital controls
Holiday mode
Warning alarms
Express can chillers
American style fridge freezer