Upright freezers buying guide

A freezer is important in any home – it's a brilliant storage solution that allows you to shop less and prepare food in advance to enjoy when it suits you. An upright freezer is the ideal partner for an upright fridge, available in 50 cm to 60 cm models.

Our freezers offer design features to make storing frozen food easier and more convenient. Whether you want a tall freezer to save floor space or a convenient undercounter freezer, there's a model to complete your kitchen with. You can even use the top of a small unit as an extra work surface.

Choose an appliance with the capacity, features and configuration that suit what you buy and store. Place food in convenient drawers or directly on a shelf with a front flap. Luxury extras can include an ice maker, LCD display and open door/temperature alarm on higher-end models.

Look out for 'our experts love' products when you browse the range. Our experts recommend these refrigerators for their technological advancements and innovative features.

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Capacity & type

Upright freezers are easier to fit with the rest of your kitchen appliances, and are available in a range of heights and widths for optimum storage. Choose from three sizes, and note that models with thinner insulation can give you more usable storage space.

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