Fridge buying guide

An upright fridge is the ideal partner to an upright freezer. Available in 48 cm to 60 cm models, tall models let you store more fresh food in one unit, while small or fitted kitchens may benefit from an undercounter fridge. You can even use the top of a small unit as an extra work surface.

Luxury extras can include water dispensers, LCD displays and warning alarms on higher-end models. Finer details such as adjustable door racks and shelving maximise storage, while anti-bacterial shelves, wipe-clean surfaces and other features help keep your fridge sparkling and safe more easily.

Look out for 'our experts love' products when you browse the range. Our experts recommend these refrigerators for their technological advancements and innovative features.

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Capacity & type

Choose the fridge that gives you the space and facilities to store the kind of food you buy. There are three fridge sizes available to fit your home and how you like to shop. Models with thinner insulation can give you greater usable storage space.

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