Refrigeration buying guide introduction
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Fridge freezers buying guide

Fridge freezers offer a tall design for comprehensive food storage in a single appliance. Our range includes widths from 50 cm to 75 cm to accommodate all households and kitchens.

The type and amount of food you buy can dictate whether you need more fridge or freezer space. Look at freezer top models for easy access and storing more frozen goods, while models with freezer bottom compartments are best if you need to store more fresh food.

Choose from a variety of colours, styles, sizes, configurations and advanced functions to suit your home. Freestanding fridge freezers are affordable and easier to fit in your kitchen.

Look out for 'our experts love' products when you browse the range. Our experts recommend these refrigerators for their technological advancements and innovative features.

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Capacity & type

Choose a larger capacity fridge freezer for more storage, and consider how the layout and features of certain models can benefit you most.

These appliances house a combination of fridge and freezer compartments. Some incorporate one or two of each compartment to maximise your storage options.

Note that models with thin insulation can offer more usable storage space, so check for variances between appliances of the same size.

Fridge freezer splits
Freezer top units
Freezer bottom units
Fridge freezer

Freezer system

Some of our fridge freezer models are equipped with frost free technology to make maintenance easier and to store your food more safely.

Frost free freezers prevent the build-up of ice so that you never need to manually defrost the appliance, sparing you considerable mess and hassle. The system helps to prevent freezer burn, so you no longer need to throw groceries away unnecessarily.

Fridge freezers using low frost systems also help to speed up defrosting by reducing the accumulation of ice on your food, but these appliances can cost more and use more energy.

Static fridge freezers offer conventional chilling, are manually defrosted and must be installed with good ventilation.

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Food freshness

More premium fridge freezer models now feature technology that keeps your food fresher, tastier and healthier. Your lettuce can now stay fresh and crunchy for longer. Consider which combination of these will best enhance your home and lifestyle.

Fresher for longer
Rapid cooling
Multi-zone compartments
Fridge freezer


Appliances with flexible storage let you configure the fridge space as you require. Find a fridge freezer with storage features that are most practical for the kind of food you buy most often.

Configurable space
Door storage
Practical features
Dedicated compartments
Freezer storage
Fridge freezer

Energy rating

Our fridge freezers are labelled with EU energy ratings from A+ to A+++ and the running cost per year to help you manage your energy bills.

Work out an appliance's annual running costs by multiplying kWh used by 0.1427 (the average national cost of electricity + VAT).

Costs may vary according to how much you pay for your local electricity supply.

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Other features

Many of our fridge freezers incorporate exciting technology to care for your food, use less energy and generally make your life easier.

Low-power lighting
Digital controls
Holiday mode
Warning alarms
Fridge freezer