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Powered by innovative Canon technologies, our superb quality, highly portable compact digital cameras will inspire you to take the next step to shooting and sharing exceptional photos and movies. Plus our extensive range includes the best compact digital camera for you - whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced professional.

However if you are after a little more, whether you are shooting for pleasure or for profit, Canon EOS digital SLR cameras empower you to be creative. State-of-the-art features, superb image quality and intuitive design concepts come together to deliver advanced performance you can rely on and enjoy.

Why keep your photos hidden on your computer, by using a Canon printer with genuine Canon paper & inks you will be able to print great quality pictures for you display to all your family & friends.

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Explore the full capabilities of your Canon camera or camcorder to achieve truly stunning photos and videos in different situations. We’re here to guide you through all your device’s important settings to give you proper understanding and superior control to achieve technical image perfection. Become more inspired and expand your skills behind the lens as we show you elements to look out for and what to focus on in different scenes. Our guide to taking photos will open up a veritable world of photographic potential and beauty that will expand your creative horizons in new and exciting ways.

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We’re proud to offer one of the UK’s most extensive selections of Canon cameras and camcorders, showcasing the best models and latest technologies. Our buying guide is here to make sure you find the right camera to suit your needs and budget, and to explain the key technologies in the Canon range. Use this comprehensive photography companion to work out which product is ideal for your needs, learning more about each type of camera and their features in focused detail.