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Chest freezers can give you the extra space you’ve always needed to store your food, and can be much easier to organise than the regular drawer based freezers found in most homes.

Choosing the right chest freezer for your home might seem fairly straightforward, but with so many options on the market, getting the right one for your needs is important. With sizes starting around the 50 litre mark, and rising to over 500 litres, getting the right size for your home can be tricky! A simple way to judge the best one for you is to not pay too much attention to the litres, and instead check out the specifications and measure out how big one will actually be to size up whether it will fit comfortably in your home.

When deciding which chest freezer is right for your home, it also pays to check out the energy rating, with many of the latest models coming with an A+ or A++ to save money on your bills and minimise your carbon footprint. Chest freezers are also more efficient by nature, as the cold air flows downwards with the door open, your freezer won’t heat up whenever the door is opened for a couple of minutes, which does happen with a regular freezer.

Whether you’re looking for extra freezing space in your home, or changing appliances altogether, a chest freezer is a practical and spacious solution.

Take a look at our range of great chest freezers from brands such as Bosch, Beko, Logik and many more.

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