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Choose the 600 W Corsair CX600 ATX PSU for a quieter, more reliable way to power your PC.Great for system builds and upgradesThe CX600 really suits basic system builds and upgrades to desktop PCs, with wide compatibility and premium-grade... Find out more
The EVGA 650 GQ Gold Hybrid Modular ATX PSU is an ideal choice if you're upgrading your graphics card or hardware.Efficient powerBoasting 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, the 650 GQ ensures that no power is wasted, providing up to 90% efficiency or higher... Find out more
With the capability and power to run a demanding system, the EVGA GQ Gold Hybrid Modular 210-GQ-0750-V3 ATX PSU is a reliable and long lasting power supply. Efficient design Save money on your bills with the 80 Plus Gold certification, which... Find out more
The Corsair CX750 ATX PSU offers a trouble-free installation and a smooth and efficient operation.Improve powerIdeal for a home or office computer in need of an upgrade, the Corsair CX750 helps to provide worry-free power.Providing continuous and... Find out more
For a reliable power supply, take a look at the Corsair Builder Series CX430 ATX PSU. Powering up With an 80PLUS Bronze certificate, the Builder Series CX430 provides all the power you need for your PC, making it the perfect upgrade choice. It... Find out more
Efficiently power your computer with the powerful Corsair RM850 ATX PSU which offers fully modular cabling and quiet operation.Quiet operationThe RM850 features high quality, low-noise capacitors and transformers which eliminate coil whine and... Find out more
The Corsair CS550M Gold ATX PSU is a modular power supply that's consumes less power, runs quietly and is easy to install. Power up without a problem Certified 80 PLUS Gold for efficiency makes this Corsair CS550M PSU cooler and more... Find out more
The Corsair CS850M Gold ATX PSU is a modular power supply that's ideal for gaming PCs with upgraded graphics and components.Power up without a problem Certified 80 PLUS Gold for efficiency, this Corsair CS850M PSU runs cooler and more efficiently... Find out more
The Corsair CS750M Gold ATX PSU is a modular power supply designed to consume less power, work quietly and be easy to install. Power up without a problem Certified 80 PLUS Gold for efficiency means the Corsair CS750M PSU runs cooler and is more... Find out more
The Corsair RM650 CP-9020054-UK ATX PSU is a modular 650 W power supply that delivers reliable continuous power to your PC.The Zero RPM fan mode and high quality components mean that the RM650 PSU is quiet to use, eliminating coil whine and... Find out more

Power supplies are an often-overlooked part of the essential computing kit. Ensuring peak performance of your computing system, a high-quality power supply means better computing stability and reliability of performance over time.

High-grade power supplies deliver constant, reliable power to your PC, without noise or overheating. These dedicated power supplies use better internal components, chokes, bigger and better capacitors, as well as larger heatsinks for superior heat dissipation. Our range of PC power supplies are all fitted with larger cooling fans - a minimum 120mm fan size – ensuring serious cooling power, while making less noise than smaller fans.

All of our high-grade computer power supplies are three-year guaranteed, and are fitted with over-voltage, over-power, and short circuit protection, so you can rest assured that all components stay safe in the event of an accident or power surge. There power supply units are intuitively temperature sensitive, to ensure even airflow at all times and protection from overheating.

For gaming or for work, at home or at the office, a dedicated power supply helps to ensure reliable, superior computing performance. Check out our extensive range of Corsair power supplies and Coolermaster power supplies for a variety of power options.

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