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The versatile Western DigitalMy Cloud offers you cloud storage solution of your very own – save all your important files and documents and access it anywhere using PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.Complete storageThe WD My Cloud drive offers a... Find out more
The versatile Western Digital My Cloud drive offers you cloud storage solution of yourself – save all your important files and documents and access them anywhere using PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.Complete storageThe WD My Cloud drive offers a... Find out more
Get a high-capacity cloud storage with the 3 TB Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage.Access music, photos, movies and files anywhereHaving a home media storage facility lets you build your own cloud space to access outside your home.It's... Find out more
The 4 TB WD My Book External Hard Drive is perfect for all your everyday backup needs and plays host to super-fast USB 3.0, automatic backup software and hardware encryption. Rapid transfer rates This streamlined black My Book Hard Drive has a... Find out more
Secure and dependable, the WD My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive is a portable storage hard drive you can really rely upon – the ideal partner for your notebook.Huge capacity on the goWith 3 TB of storage, you can take your all your photos,... Find out more
Protect, save and share what matters the most with the Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive.Convenient backupThe Seagate Backup Plus offers plenty of backup storage for all your precious and personal files thanks to a vast 5 TB... Find out more

With smartphones, laptops and tablets at our fingertips, we’re creating ever more data. Taking limitless photos and videos, recording music and creating documents in a flash – it makes life easy, but we need room to store it. Data storage gives you a range of ways to store your data, documents, files, photos and more safely and securely.

While we used to have to rely on the storage built in to our PCs and laptops, we now have room to grow. Portable hard drives plug in via USB or firewire for fast transfers of even the largest files. Memory sticks are a great way to share files fast, on a data storage device you can slip into your pocket. Wireless hard drives mean you can get extra storage instantly, without having to fiddle with cables. Cloud solutions give you a safe and secure place to back up your important data to the web.

Data storage devices are available in all sizes, designed to meet a range of memory needs. Pocket-friendly USB flash drives give you up to 64GB, or for serious back-up power, external hard drives can give you up to 8TB more space. Personal Cloud Storage solutions offer up to 8TB too, giving you your own personal Cloud platform for seamless streaming and automatic file back-up and encryption, anywhere.

Data storage devices can help you keep your files safe, backing up your important data, and freeing up space on your devices to improve performance. Check out our range of solid state drives for more ways to improve the speed and performance of your PC or laptop.

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