PARROT AR.Drone 2.0

  • Capture HD photos & videos
  • Stream live footage to your smartphone or tablet
  • Control via the AR.Freeflight app
  • Compatible with iOS & Android devices
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Product details

Control the Pro-tec Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 through your table or smartphone device and see what life looks like from above.

An eye in the sky

Designed for use both inside and outdoors, the AR Drone is a fantastic and fun way to check out the world from a whole new angle. Controlled via WiFi, the AR Drone links up to your compatible handheld device (such as an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and others) and lets you fly around, while a HD picture is beamed back giving you the view from on board.

The two on-board cameras allow you to see the pilots view and even stream video straight to your device. What's more, the on-board USB 2.0 means you can store footage directly on the memory stick.

You're the pilot

Being a quadcopter, it is stable in flight and is incredibly easy to control - using updated technology from the original model, you simply tilt the device being used control the AR Drone in the direction you wish it to go and it will head in that direction, regardless of its actual orientation. 

For indoor flying a foam outer hull is provided, which help protects it from any accidental collisions with walls.

App control

Just download the AR.Freeflight application and enjoy complete flying control. You can switch views from both the frontal and vertical cameras, control the video and photo recording and collect nav data. The user friendly interface is simple to understand while the on-board technology gives you precision control and automatic stabilisation assistance.

There's more to be enjoyed from the app; keep track of all your flights on the Academy map, playback your favourite videos with statistical feedback and share your pilot experiences online with other users.

Twist, flip and fly

Master your piloting skills and execute acrobatic moves; the Pro-tec Parrot AR Drone 2.0 can perform up to four flips from just a touch of a button.

It uses 3 axis technology so when you tilt your tablet or smartphone forward, the drone moves forward in that direction.

The robust structure allows you to take this impressively cool device anywhere, take to the skies and maintain full control up to 165 feet.

Fly high, capture HD moments and pilot like a pro with the awesome Pro-tec Parrot AR.Drone 2.0.

Product code: 006625

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Type Remote control drone
Compatibility - iOS
- Android
Connectivity WiFi
Colour Black
Type of remote control App
Power source LiPo battery
Other features HD camera
Dimensions 140 x 570 x 570 mm (H x W x D)
Manufacturer's guarantee 1 year