Dual Fuel Cooker Buying Guide

Dual fuel cookers bring together the best of electric and gas cookers.

One of the most popular choices, dual fuel presents the responsiveness of a gas hob with the even and uniform heat of an electric oven.

Letting you cook with precision on the hob and consistency in the oven, dual fuel hobs lend themselves to professional cooking at home.

Dual fuel cookers will need to be fitted by a professional, Gas Safe Registered fitter and the electric oven may also need to be hardwired by a qualified electrician.

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Like electric and gas cookers, freestanding dual fuel cookers are generally available in 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm options although no matter what size you select, remember that all freestanding cookers will require space around them for ventilation.

These measurements can vary from brand to brand, so please check the product information carefully for each model to make sure you have enough space.

View our range of 50 cm wide dual fuel cookers
View our range of 55 cm wide dual fuel cookers
View our range of 60 cm wide dual fuel cookers
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Oven type

The kind of cooking you want to do as well as the size of your kitchen will dictate what sort of oven that is best for you.

In our range of dual fuel cookers we have three different options to choose from:

Single oven cookers Twin cavity single oven cookers Double oven cookers

We also have cookers in the range with high level grills that let you check your food without stooping or bending over for an easier way to grill.

View our range of single oven dual fuel cookers
View our range of twin cavity single oven dual fuel cookers
View our range of double oven dual fuel cookers
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Oven function

Our dual fuel cookers all feature electric ovens which work in different ways. Some are more suited to certain styles of cooking than others so we've broken down the functions and explained what they do.

Conventional ovens Fan-assisted ovens Fan ovens Multifunction ovens View our range of dual fuel cookers with conventional ovens
View our range of dual fuel cookers with fan ovens
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Pan supports

Pan supports play an important role in cooking on a gas hob, stabilising your pans and helping to keep everything in place while you cook.

Enamel supports are lightweight and easy to wipe down, while cast-iron supports are durable, look the part and are completely dishwasher-safe for quick cleaning.

Dual fuel cooker

Oven cleaning

Keeping your oven clean and hygienic after use is important but can be time consuming.

Manufacturers include various labour-saving ways to reduce the time you have to spend cleaning the inside of your cooker.

Both of the cleaning systems of our electric cookers are listed below, all you have to do is decide how much hard work you want to put in.

Easy-clean enamel oven liners Catalytic oven liners View our range of dual fuel cookers with easy clean enamel oven liners
View our range of dual fuel cookers with catalytic oven liners
Dual fuel cooker

Other features and accessories

Many of the freestanding dual fuel cookers in our range have user-friendly features to make cooking even easier. We also have a selection of accessories and utensils to put the finishing touches on your kitchen and help you get the most out of your new cooker.

These include:

Cooker hoods Splashbacks Hob lids Wok cradles Cookware

Any accessory that is included with a cooker will be listed in the "Accessories included" field of each cooker's product details so you can easily see exactly what each model is supplied with.

View our range of cooker hoods
View our range of splashbacks
View our range of cookware
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