Range Cooker Buying Guide

Range cookers have been at the heart of homes for hundreds of years and are the largest domestic cookers available with more cooking hobs, zones and cavities than a standard cooker. Modern versions combine cutting-edge technology with intelligent design and user-friendly features.

A great choice for larger families as well as gourmets, range cookers give you the space to achieve professional results at home. Get creative with your cooking thanks to their larger cooking area, spacious cavities and a variety of finishes.

Available as gas, electric, dual fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) options, range cookers represent the pinnacle of luxurious home cooking, blending technology and usability in one stylish package. Just don't forget that range cookers often need to be professionally installed by a registered engineer.

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Fuel type including hobs

Range cookers are available in a variety of different fuel options. Choose between LPG or natural gas, electric and dual fuel to pick the cooker that best suits your home and cooking.

Help the environment as well as your monthly bills with an energy efficient range. Our cookers are rated from the most efficient starting at A+, depending on their consumption and usage. This information is included in the product details of all our cookers.

The three types of range cooker:

Gas range cookers Electric range cookers Dual fuel range cookers

Your home's existing fuel type will influence your options for fuel type unless you are prepared for potentially expensive conversions to a different fuel.

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Although traditionally only an option if you had a large kitchen, today freestanding range cookers are available in smaller sizes to fit in modern homes.

Most modern ranges are available in a variety of different widths. Our collection spans from mini ranges measuring just 55 cm, to give you the essence of a range cooker in a compact frame, right the way up to full size 120 cm cookers, letting you choose the right model for your kitchen. Wider ranges benefit from more cooking zones and space for more cavities, with larger cookers having up to eight hobs and four ovens.

Manufacturers generally recommend an additional 5 mm, known as the recess dimension, around the cooker to allow for ventilation. Please check the product specifications to be sure the cooker will fit in your kitchen.

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Number of ovens

Thanks to their size, range cookers offer much more cooking space than standard cookers, many featuring multiple cavities to make it easier to tackle bigger meals.

Extra ovens can be useful when preparing meals for larger families, as well as being ideal for confident chefs who enjoy cooking multiple dishes simultaneously.

Range cookers can have up to four cavities with various handy functions. Some include separate grills, multifunction ovens, slow cooking cavities and built-in storage for added convenience.

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Keeping your oven clean and hygienic after use is important but can be time consuming.

Manufacturers include various labour-saving ways to reduce the time you have to spend cleaning the inside of your cooker.

The three cleaning systems featured on our range cookers are listed below, all you have to do is decide how much hard work you want to put into oven cleaning. But be warned, as the technology increases, so does the price...

Easy-clean enamel oven liners Catalytic oven liners Pyrolytic oven cleaning
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Oven function

Ovens work in different ways and some are more suited to certain styles of cooking than others. We've broken down the functions and explained what they do.

Conventional ovens Fan-assisted ovens Fan ovens Multifunction ovens View our collection of range cookers with conventional ovens
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Other features and accessories

Designed to bring luxury and functionality to the kitchen, range cookers have lots of user-friendly features to make range cooking even easier. We also have a selection of accessories and utensils to put the finishing touches to your kitchen and help you get the most out of your new range cooker.

These include:

Cooker hoods Splashbacks Hob lids Timers Cookware

Any accessory that is included will be listed in the "Accessories included" field of every cooker's product specification, so you can see exactly what each range is supplied with.

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