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AEG F55020W0P Full-size Dishwasher - White
AEG F55020W0P Full-size Dishwasher - White
  • 12 place settings
  • Energy rating: A
  • Water Consumption: 11 litres per cycle
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
Available for delivery by the manufacturer Not available in store
Product details

Boasting powerful technology and the capacity for 12 place settings, you'll be able to wash your pots, pans, plates and more with ease when you use the AEG F55020W0P Full-size Dishwasher. Built to perform This full-size dishwasher includes ProClean technology, which helps to provide powerful cleaning of plates and pans. This is thanks to the satellite spray with a double rotation effect. Water is sprayed from 5 levels within your dishwasher, providing powerful cleaning no matter how large... Find out more

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We’re sure you’ve got other things you’d like to be doing than spending time at the kitchen sink, so take a look at our range of dishwashers to help make your life a little easier.

Owning a dishwasher nowadays doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money or have an exceptionally spacious kitchen. We have a range of well-priced full-size cheap dishwashers and with slimline models, you’re sure to find the right style and fit. The range of Currys dishwashers also features many models with 30-minute quick wash and energy saving functions for the time and money conscious.

We also have a wide range of integrated dishwashers if you’re looking for something to blend in more seamlessly with your kitchen.

A full size dishwasher can fit in approximately 12-15 place settings, which is the equivalent of plates and pots for three family meals for four people. Whereas slimline dishwashers can fit up to 10 place settings, making them ideal for couples or families with smaller kitchens.

Choose from a variety of brands including Bosch dishwashers, Miele dishwashers, and Hotpoint dishwashers. You can also arrange for easy home delivery of your best dishwasher or you can collect it from your nearest store at your convenience.


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