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DURACELL CEF15 15 Minute Charger with 4 AA Batteries
  • Compatible with AA and AAA batteries
  • Charges four AA batteries in 15 minutes
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For the best in class battery charger, pick up the Duracell CEF15 15 Minute Charger with 4 AA batteries that will have your batteries charged in no time! Speedy charging You can recharge your AA and AAA batteries with the fast and compact... Find out more
DURACELL HR03/DX2400 Stay Charged AAA Rechargeable Batteries - 4 Battery Pack
  • Pack of 4 batteries
  • Five-year manufacturer's guarantee
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Get the ultimate power from your devices with the powerful Duracell HR03/DX2400 Stay Charged AAA Rechargeable Batteries. Charged, super charged These high performance batteries get you long lasting use from your devices and once they are low on... Find out more
DURACELL DRCE12 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Camera Battery
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  • Compatible with Canon EOS M & 100D
  • Replacement battery for Canon LP-E12
  • Not available for delivery
Brief product description
Power up your camera with the Duracell DRCE12 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Camera Battery which makes an ideal spare or replacement for the Canon LP-E12 battery.This high quality lithium-ion battery is compatible with the Canon EOS M and EOS 100D... Find out more

There’s nothing worse than framing the perfect shot, only to find that your camera has run out of battery. High-performance batteries are the key to ensuring that your camera is always fully powered up and ready to capture award-winning shots, precious family moments, and everything in between.

We offer a full range of batteries from leading manufacturers such as 2-Power, Canon, Fujifilm, Logik, Monster, Nikon, and Duracell.

Whether you’re looking for rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, or lithium batteries, our range of Duracell batteries will cater to your needs and bring your camera to life.

As well as standard batteries, Duracell also produce specialist camera batteries that have been designed to meet the specific power demands of camera work. Duracell DL123A/CR123A/EL123A Ultra Photo 123A Lithium Camera Batteries have been created to ensure that you always have enough battery life for the next unmissable shot.

If you’re a frequent photographer, rechargeable batteries offer a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to ensure you don’t ever run out on juice. The Duracell CEF27 45 Minute Charger with 2 AA Batteries and 2 AAA Batteries will allow you to charge your AA and AAA batteries in just 45 minutes, and is a great way to make sure you always have a Duracell battery or two on hand.

Now that you have your batteries to take your shots, it’s time to make sure your photos are the best they can be. Check out our range of camera bags and cases, lenses, and other photography accessories to complement your camera.

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