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SONY The LEGO Movie Video Game - for PS Vita
  • Age minimum 7+
  • Action-adventure
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Step in to the world of Emmet, an underprepared Lego citizen, in The LEGO Movie Video Game for PS Vita, complete with all the brilliant LEGO humour seen in the other LEGO games.An unlikely heroEmmet is an ordinary citizen - he follows the rules and lives a perfectly average life in a normal town, living a quiet life.Then he finds himself at the centre of all the action thanks to a case of mistaken identity, where everyone believes he is the key to saving the world. It is down to you to guide... Find out more

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It's time to choose between the sheepskin coat or tracksuit and trainers once again, as you take control of and guide the fortunes of football clubs ranging from Watford to AFC Wimbledon and Barcelona to Besiktas, with Football Manager 2014 for PS Vita. Sport, interactive The latest and most feature packed instalment of this computing classic, retains all the astounding attention to detail that has made the series famous, while adding a host of new features that help boost the game to... Find out more

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