SONY Watch_Dogs - for PS3

  • Age minimum 18+
  • Action-adventure
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A connected world and technological advances were supposed to make life better for us, but what happens when one person has access to all of that power? Find out in Watch_Dogs on PS3, offering advanced processing and graphics to provide a stunningly realistic experience.

The brain of Chicago

Set in Chicago, Watch_Dogs finds us in a city where a network of computers connects everything, from traffic lights to security cameras, even down to personal information stored on computers. Everything is controlled by the Central Operating System, abbreviated to ctOS, which has made the city safer, more dynamic and a better place for its citizens.

This generally seems like a good thing, but what happens when that power falls into the hands of a hacker set on vengeance? In this game you'll be able to explore the impact technology has on society, and gives you the power to affect the story, the city and the life of its citizens. Think carefully about your actions, as your choices will have a ripple-effect through the city.

A hacker with a plan

In Watch_Dogs you play the part of Aiden Pearce, a hacker and former thug, who is determined to protect his family. Following a violent tragedy in the past, Aiden is seeking justice and using ctOS to bring his plan to life.

Obsessed with surveillance, he is set to become a modern vigilante hero, using the system to monitor and change the city to help him to defeat his enemy. He'll have access to security cameras, traffic lights and much more, allowing him to create thirty-car pile-ups before stopping a train to make his escape. Accessing the network from his smartphone, he can control almost anything in the city.

He'll be assisted by characters such as Clara Lille, fellow hacker T-Bone Grady and Jordi Chin 'the fixer'.

Bringing Chicago to life

You'll be able to take to the streets, where you'll encounter over 30 traditional weapons in street fights, and you can cruise through the city in over 65 different cars as you make your escape.

Experience the city in all its glory as you cut through buildings, stumble across rooftops and even explore the underground on your quest for revenge.

The PS3 version includes an additional 60 minutes of gameplay, extending your hacker experience in Watch_Dogs.

Product code: 065130

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Platform PS3
Genre Action adventure
Minimum age 18+
Publisher Ubisoft
Game modes Multiplayer