MICROSOFT Xbox One White with Sunset Overdrive

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  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Built in WiFi
  • Full HD
  • Wireless controller included

Order now. Availability: Pre-order

Order now. Availability: Pre-order


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Product details

The next-gen Microsoft Xbox One White with Sunset Overdrive delivers hilarious, breakneck-speed shoot ‘em up action right into your hands, on a console that opens up a thrilling world of gaming, entertainment and fun right in your living room.

It's time for Xbox One

So much more than just a toy, the stunning white Xbox One is a self contained entertainment system, proving that consoles aren't just for games any more with sleek clean lines that will fit in with any room.

Revolutionising home entertainment, the stylish Xbox One puts you firmly in control. Play hyper realistic games online and independently, watch Blu-ray discs for the first time ever on an Xbox, enjoy access to live TV, browse the internet and even chat with friends on Skype with this incredibly versatile machine where all the entertainment you love is in one place.

Learning what you love as well as what you don't, the Xbox One brings you a personalised home screen so it's never been quicker or easier to access all your favourite information as soon as you turn on the console.

Next generation gaming

Bigger maps, more detail, faster processes and more engaging cinematic game play; all of these are made possible by the state of the art black Xbox One White that rewrites the rule book on what we can expect from a gaming machine.

With blistering power and next level processing, Microsoft's latest addition to the console market brings a whole new dimension to gaming, allowing developers to showcase their talents with brand new game engines that are bigger stronger and faster than ever before.

The revolutionary Xbox One builds on the legacy of the Xbox 360 and delivers the same fantastic game play and easy to use interface with some intelligent additions that are sure to appeal to the serious gamer.

Cloud sharing lets users upload information to a remote server that can be accessed from any Xbox One you log into, which as well as being convenient and reducing load times, means more of the Xbox One's 8 GB of RAM can be used to deliver jaw-dropping, lag-free graphics for a totally immersive gaming experience.

Live for the moment

A new Xbox Live for a new Xbox, the arrival of Xbox One brings in the next generation of communal gaming.

Cloud powered gaming means you can stop and start games to keep up with your hectic lifestyle. Pick up where you leave off with auto resume and Living Games technology allows game worlds to adapt and develop, even while you're not playing for a new experience and improved artificial intelligence that evolves over time.

Serious processing power

Practically silent and over 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, the Xbox One White with its 8-core x86 processor and 500GB had drive, has some seriously impressive gaming credentials.

Functioning on a combination of three different operating systems rolled into one, the Xbox One has been carefully engineered to deliver the very best in everything it does.

Merging the best of the Xbox 360 operating system, ideal for developers looking to craft staggeringly vivid cinematic vistas, and the Windows OS for smoother web-powered apps and experiences, the Xbox One also features a third, unique OS designed to help with instant-switching and multitasking for a comprehensive and intuitive combination.

Instant Switching & Snap On

Use the Instant Switching feature to jump between content with instantaneous results for an easier way to see more. Switch from a game to live TV or jump from a film to the internet without fussing over changing sources and inputs, saving you time and making life a whole lot easier.

If you don't want to miss a thing, the white Xbox One also lets you Snap On additional screens to a main window so you can play a film and browse the internet on the same display at the same time. Get true multitasking and never miss a second of sports, games or films courtesy of this hugely convenient feature.

Live TV

Consoles and television are no longer distinct when you use the Xbox One, the first games console to let you enjoy live TV.

With HDMI pass through that lets you hook up your receiver directly to the Xbox, you can keep all your entertainment in one easily accessible location.

Whatever you want to watch or play, the Xbox One has you covered, and if you run out of ideas, the handy Trending window lets you know what your friends and even the rest of the world are watching, recommending content you might like based on your viewing patterns.

New console, new controller

With over 40 improvements on the previous Xbox controller, Microsoft have made a handset that has been engineered by gamers for gamers.

Never sacrificing on performance, the new joypad is ergonomically crafted to sit comfortably in the hand, regardless of the shape and size so that users can comfortably play for longer.

Careful research and development have produced a fine-tuned gaming tool with precision joysticks and perfectly placed triggers and buttons that are both responsive and comfortable, letting gamers of all ages and abilities get the most out of this console.

Keep talking

The Xbox One White comes with an Xbox chat headset, allowing you to get more involved with online and multiplayer gaming.

Bark out commands, rally your team, taunt your adversaries or just whoop with delight as you blast your way through the already-incredible range of available titles.

Get Kinected for more control

The more you use the Xbox One, the more it adapts to you thanks to the intelligent voice recognition system and sensitive microphone housed in the new and improved Kinect (sold separately).

Turn on the console by simply saying “Xbox on” and your console will respond by turning on and automatically signing you into your gamer profile, presenting you with the customisable home-screen with quick links to recently viewed apps and music.

The high definition 1080p 30 fps camera recognises the tiniest movements of your body, as well as estimating your heart rate via pigmentation changes in your skin – you can use this as your controller and swipe, pinch and point to access content.

Command the console with your voice or with a wave of your hand, choosing from any number of recognisable actions that allow you to access more content faster than ever before.

Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One hurls you into an awesome open world with no rules and an incredible multiplayer mode.

The Awesomepocalypse is here

A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants. For a lot of people it's the end of the world, but for you - a dream come true. Your old boss? Dead. Your boring job? Gone.

This post-apocalyptic playground pits you against hordes of crazy mutants that have overrun Sunset City. It's up to you to vault, grind and wall-run whilst wieldy an unconventional yet deadly arsenal to rid the place of these vile creatures.

Your customisable character is blessed with hyper-agility, outlandish weapons and configurable abilities to result in an irreverent, adventurous shooter that rewrites the way we appreciate the genre.

Faction fighters

You're not alone in Sunset Overdrive – as you blast through Sunset City, eccentric groups of other fighters will intersect with your adventure, each sporting their own style and having a unique story to tell.

Take Troop Bushido, a group of adventurers who live by ancient Samurai code; or the Fargarths, who are live action role-players actually living out their fantasy. The game has many more memorable characters you'll have a ball meeting.

Wacky weaponry

You'll need every one of the weird but brutally effective weapons given to you in Sunset Overdrive. Since the apocalypse, you've had to devise all manner of ways to take care of the city's mutants and other undesirables.

Use “The Dude” to fire boucing bowling balls to knock foes down. “Turret Copters” are model helicopters that help you take down crowds with their mounted guns. Blow your enemies to kingdom come with the “TNTeddy”, a crazy weapon that merges teddy bears with sticks of dynamite. You can also use fireworks, harpoons, and acid to destroy your enemies

It's just the start of the range of insane weapons you'll have a blast using.

Special abilities

In Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One you get amps – special abilities to develop your unique character with. The “Twist of Fate” allows you to trigger a small nuclear explosion, while the “Tornado Spin” creates a whirling dervish that takes your melee attacks to a new level.

You'll have more than 50 Amps available plus a huge number of possible combos to define your play style and decimate the mutant population of Sunset city – whether your preferred style is hurling lightning bolts or summoning the Grim Reaper himself.

Ugly enemies

There's plenty to use all these weapons, gadgets and special powers against in Sunset City. Sunset Overdrive delivers some of the vilest mutants and most heinous knaves around.

The Herker is a large beast who flings smaller baddies at you and delivers a vicious jab in close combat. Then there's the Blower, a ranged mutant that's combined itself with a leaf blower and spews out acidic OverCharge at you from a distance. You're going to want to meet the rest of them in person, of course...

Chaos Squad multiplayer mode

You can transition seamlessly from the single player mission mode to Chaos Squad, a co-op experience for up to eight players. Run up to the nearest photo booth and slip into multiplayer mode with the same clothing, amps and everything else as your single-player character.

Craft your experience by voting on a selection of mission types to take on across the open world. At the end of your game is a huge night defence battle that's harder or easier depending on which missions you've played through. Conquer the first mission and two new options open up with different objectives and locations to the first round. Each Chaos Squad experience feels uniquely exciting.

The final night defence round sees you battling enemies and protecting your stash of Overcharge. Use weapons, traversal skills and amps to destroy your adversaries, and set traps quickly at the start of the round. You can move and place them differently during each attack wave to wreak maximum carnage.

Then it's time for an all-out assault of eight players jumping, shooting, grinding and exploding nearly everything in sight. Each wave gets more difficult and throws new enemies at you. Remember, the more Chaos you accumulate in the open world missions, the harder things will be -  and the greater the rewards.

Winning earns you rewards like in-game cash, special vanity items and even extra weapons – and you can take it all back into your single-player game too.

The end of the world has never been as much fun as with the Microsoft Xbox One White with Sunset Overdrive, opening up exciting new gaming and entertainment vistas.

Product code: 114440

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Hard drive 500 GB
Optical disc drive Blu-ray
Connectivity - HDMI
- USB 3.0
- Ethernet
WiFi Built-in WiFi
Backwards compatibility Not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games
Weight 4.78 kg
Dimensions 305 x 292 x 552 mm (H x W x D)
Contents - Xbox One White console
- Xbox One White wireless controller
- Sunset Overdrive
- 500 GB hard drive
- Xbox One chat headset
- HDMI cable
- Power supply

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