Garmin Sat Navs

Garmin Drive Sat Nav Series

Forward-thinking driver awareness

Garmin Drive sat navs help make journeys easier and safer with preloaded maps, traffic avoidance, onscreen smart notifications and innovative driver alerts to increase your awareness on the road.

Garmin Drive

Driver awareness that goes beyond your mirrors

  • Garmin Drive sat navs are available with bright 4.3” or 5” dual-oriented displays for a clear view of the route ahead.
  • Free Lifetime Map updates ensure your Garmin GPS features the latest maps. You’ll always be on track with Lane Assist, Junction View and Garmin Real Directions.
  • Drive safer with dangerous curve alerts, fatigue warnings, speed camera alerts and more.
  • foursquare data helps you discover more, alerting you to shops, restaurants, petrol stations and other Points of Interest along your route.

Garmin Drive sat navs include:

Garmin DriveSmart

Drive safer with digital traffic and voice-activated control

  • Avoid traffic incidents and congestion with Live or Digital Traffic on your Garmin DriveSmart sat nav.
  • Pair it with your smartphone to receive calls, texts and other notifications directly onscreen – and enjoy convenient hands-free calls via Bluetooth.
  • Voice-activated navigation and voice control let you keep your hands on the wheel for safer driving (Full Europe models only), and there are alerts for dangerous curves, fatigue warnings and more.
  • You’ll always find the correct route with detailed guidance from Lane Assist, Junction View and Garmin Real Directions.

DriveSmart sat navs include all Garmin Drive features, plus:

Garmin DriveAssist

A extra eye on the road for every journey

  • Garmin DriveAssist sat navs feature a built-in dash camera to continuously record your car journeys – capture details of road incidents and memorable scenery alike.
  • Steer clear of congestion and traffic incidents with Digital Traffic alerts, and drive safer with driver alerts including Forward Collision, Lane Departure, Fatigue Warnings and Go Alert.
  • Enjoy convenient hands-free calling and get calls, texts and other notifications directly on the GPS screen with Bluetooth pairing.
  • Voice-activated navigation lets you keep your hands on the wheel. Drive confidently to your destination with in-depth guidance from Lane Assist, Junction View and Garmin Real Directions.

DriveAssist sat naves include all DriveSmart features, plus:

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Garmin Sat Navs

Garmin nüvi sat navs give you dedicated, user-friendly guidance when you're on the road. Stay on course with pinpoint-accurate map data and GPS navigation that uses satellites for superior reliability. nüvi is versatile - benefit from smart routing features, spoken turn-by-turn directions, built-in technologies and large, clear screens. They're seamlessly compatible with other Garmin devices and apps.

The nüvi range includes basic, intermediate and advanced sat navs as well as market innovations like the nüviCam, which helps you drive safer and more confidently with its integrated dash cam and driver awareness alerts.

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Safety Cameras

Stay speed-aware and safe with up-to-the minute European safety camera alerts pre-loaded on your Garmin sat nav.

Lane Assist & Junction View

Remove the guesswork from making turns and changing lanes with realistic road signs and junctions - ideal in unfamiliar locations.

Free Lifetime Maps

Get regular downloads of the latest detailed street maps and POIs for faster, more accurate navigation.

Real Directions

Look up address and services by touching the screen, with voice-prompted directions, City Navigator® NT and HotFix®.

Additional Features

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Hands Free

Connect your nüvi to your mobile phone and Bluetooth headset for safer phone calls while you drive.

Traffic Alerts

Get subscription-free traffic services to keep moving and avoid traffic jams, with advance alerts and proposed detours.

Driver Awareness

Up Ahead lets you find POIs on the road ahead like petrol stations, food outlets and more - without leaving the map.

Voice Activated

nüvi tells you where to turn, with advanced speech recognition for full voice control so you can concentrate on the road.

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Dash Cameras

Garmin Dash Cam 30 / 35

Reliable HD driving recorder with excellent camera coverage and clarity

Record your trips with an HD driving camera offering a wide field of view and clear 1.4” LCD screen for great views, day or night. Cover yourself in the event of a collision – the Incident Detection (G-Sensor) saves footage automatically. Take this trusty dash cam outside the car to take snapshots of collision damage in detail – or capture footage of beautiful scenery around you.

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Garmin nüviCam

Sat nav with built-in dash camera

Stay on course and get traffic alerts with this all-in-one 6” sat nav with built in dash cam to assist you. Driver awareness features help you drive responsibly, with Forward Collision Warnings if you’re too close to the car in front and Lane Departure Warnings for if you’re drifting off the road or into oncoming traffic. Find your way using detailed European maps with free Lifetime Map updates, while Garmin Digital Traffic provides comprehensive traffic alerts via DAB.

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Truck Sat Nav

Garmin dezl Truck Sat Navs

The new generation of truck navigation

A new kind of truck sat nav, Dezl allows custom truck routing according to size, weight and load - stay alert with road warnings like bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves and more. Access to the Truck & Trailer Services Directory keeps you prepared, and there are also Truck Specific POIs highly rated by truckers. Lifetime maps of Europe and Lifetime Traffic show the right course and drive responsibly, and you'll get free Garmin Digital Traffic via DAB right out of the box. View the route clearly on a large 7” high-resolution glass display.

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