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The Gadget Show airs every Monday at 7pm on Channel 5

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VR Gaming is here!

Hi, we're just over half way through our TV series now and it’s been a blast - especially the amazing personal transport that I got to test in snowy Austria! But now I can't wait to get my hands on the recently announced Virtual Reality headset from Playstation, which looks set to offer gamers a totally immersive way to play with their PS4. Trust me, we'll get it on the show as soon as we can! But until then make sure you tune in for the rest of the series Monday night, 7pm on Channel 5!

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The Gadget Show

Jason' best bits from the show

Jason takes a walk down memory lane to bring you his favourite moments from the show.

Check out the sublime, the ridiculous and the downright hilarious moments he remembers.

Tech from the show

SONY Xperia Z Ultra

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CUBIFY 3D Printer

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NOKIA Lumia 1520

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2014

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The Tech Talk gadget corner

Our TechTalk blog brings the latest in news, releases and reviews from the world of technology.

Best laptops, tablets and convertibles of CES 2014

Can Ray-Ban give Google Glass serious specs appeal?

Google Glass is a wearable computer built into a spectacle frame that allows users to access email, texts, and the web via voice and physical commands, as well as shooting photos and videos.

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The Gadget Show Live

The course of Gadgets does not always run smooth. Check out some of the bloopers from the show, which proves the age old adage of TV - never work with children, animal... or gadgets!

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More of our favourite gadgets

Fit Bit Flex

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Sphero 2.0

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Fit Bit Aria Scales

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Withing Smart Baby Monitor

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S19 E05

Lights, camera, action! Episode 5 finds Jason making his own mini-movies with DSLR filmmaker Philip Bloom and then editing them using household editing software. A blockbuster episode!

S19 E04

Tune in on Monday for episode 4 of The Gadget Show. Award winning DJ Charlie Sloth checks out the best Bluetooth headphones, while Ortis heads over to Santa Cruz to test the latest alternative transport.

S19 E03

Join Jon, Jason, Rachel & Ortis as the season hits episode 3. You'll find Jason kicking back with the best surround sound experiences money can buy, and Jon talking TVs with a review on what makes the latest TV generation, the greatest yet.

S19 E02

Smashing tablet cases, your perfect, portable PA, Barista approved coffee machines and a mad mountain machine are all on the agenda for episode 2.

S19 E01

Testing retro cameras with Jon, mind boggling robotics on show in Italy with Ortis and gaming on the go are all jam packed into episode 1.

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