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Welcome to The Gadget Show Extra Hub from Currys PC World. When it comes to the latest in technology, there isn’t much our friends at TGS don’t know, and so we have partnered with them to bring you exclusive video content on the latest and greatest in all things tech. First up on the list, the wonderful world of TVs and an ultimate home set up. Here’s Jon Bentley to give you his guide to kitting out your home!

4K TVs with The Gadget Show


TVs have never looked better than they do in 4K. This amazing picture technology can transform your viewing experience. Let Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show take you on a tour through the dazzling world of ultra high definition.

Curved TVs with The Gadget Show


Not only do curved TVs look fantastic but there is amazing science behind that lovely screen. The curved shape on the TV allows an unrivalled viewing angle for everyone in the room. Jon explains more about curved TVs, where beauty and brilliance combine.

Video Series

Stronger, more life-like colours and richer definition make OLED TVs really stand out from the crowd. Jon explains the difference between LED and OLED technology, why an OLED screen is more energy efficient and the significance of the letter ‘O’.

Jon highlights some of the TVs and accessories which can deliver the ultimate entertainment experience in your home. From the latest large screen TV technology to Blu-ray players and sound bars, let Jon help you with his top tips.

No longer confined to our computer at home, more and more of now consume our digital entertainment and media on the move. Here Jon shows how to make the most of your journey with ‘on the go’ gadgets.