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Sit back, watch together

Google Chromecast lets you enjoy HD content from your laptop, smartphone and tablet directly on your TV.

Ideal for getting the best from online and mobile media, Chromecast can stream video, music and anything else you enjoy on a daily basis. It’s compatible with plenty of apps, including Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and the Google Chrome web browser and works directly from your device, with no other accessories required.

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Plug in and play.

Chromecast is easy to set up. Simply plug Chromecast into your TV, connect it to your WiFi and download the app to get started.

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Hint: Plug in your Chromecast, and make sure that you see the setup screen on your television. Turn on your TV and set the input to the HDMI port where your Chromecast is plugged in.

Remote free

Chromecast works with the most popular mobile devices, including Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone® and iPad® devices, Chrome for Windows, Chrome for Mac® and Chromebooks.

Search for exciting new content, control playback and adjust the volume directly from your app, with no additional remote needed.

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Get apps

If you’re using Chromecast on a smartphone or tablet, it’s recommended you download the latest version of the apps you plan to stream from.


the compatible app of your choice to your laptop, smartphone or tablet



Chromecast and your device to the same network and cast away

cast wireless

Sit back

and enjoy your mobile content on the big screen

  • netflix
  • youtube
  • google play
  • google music
Download many more supported apps for your device
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google chromecast

    Chromecast supports

  • Android 2.3 and higher
  • iOS 6 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS 10.7 and higher