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Top features: - Ensure reliable results with MultiFlow 360° technology and the MeatProbe - Enjoy hassle free maintenance with catalytic cleaning and a TouchFree coating - A dynamic cooling system keeps the front of the oven cool to the touch... Find out more
Top features: - Cook multiple items at once without flavour or smell transfer with multi-level baking - Heat is contained within the oven thanks to the UltraCool door - Spend more time enjoying dinner and less time cleaning thanks to pyrolytic... Find out more
Top features: - It's easy to keep your oven clean thanks to pyrolytic cleaning - Cook dinner and bake dessert simultaneously with Multiflow 360° technology - Energy consumption is optimised thanks to the UltraCool door It's easy to keep your... Find out more
Top features:- Fan cooking lets you bake on multiple levels without the transfer of flavours- Great roasts with a MeatProbe featuring a best-temperature alarm- Added safety with a cool door featuring triple glazing and a double smart door switch-... Find out more
Top features: - Heat is evenly circulated through the cavity with MultiFlow 360° technology - Triple- and quadruple-glazing keeps helps to prevent accident and damage - Enjoy simple maintenance thanks to Pyrolytic cleaning Heat is evenly... Find out more
Top features:- Enjoy the benefits of multi-level cooking with a fanned oven and MeatProbe - UltraCool door makes cooking safer and more energy efficient - GentleClose door hinge makes opening and closing the oven quiet and smooth - Effortless... Find out more

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