anti stain

Anti Stain

The most advanced anti-stain treatment from Hotpoint removes 20 everyday stains in one wash. Using a combination of instant detergent activation, precise temperature control and a digitally controlled variable motor Anti-Stain delivers perfect results.

Anti Allergy

Anti Allergy

With one person in three in the UK suffering from allergies, this cycle can really make a difference. High temperatures and deep rinse stages significantly reduce major allergens, such as dust, pollen and pet hair. This technology has been given the highest accreditation by Allergy UK.

woolmark platinum

Woolmark Platinum

A special level of care for your woollen items, exclusive to Hotpoint. Unique gentle motion in the drum massages delicate fibres, preventing pulling and damage while providing a deep clean.

Introducing The Ultima RangeWith Super Silent Technology

super silent technology whashing machine

First for stain removal.

Hotpoint washing machines with Anti-stain technology