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The slate and aluminium Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker introduces elegance and performance to your kitchen with broad cooking options and plenty of space. All-encompassing gas hob Six gas burners give you the space you'll need for... Find out more
Top features: - Add style to your kitchen with a timeless design - Cook in more ways using nine cooking functions - Multitask your cooking on a six burner hob and an electric griddle - Keep fingers safe with a cool touch oven door Add style... Find out more
The brilliant red Rangemaster Elise 100 Induction Range Cooker is beautifully designed and has the latest in cooking technology. Over a century of excellence When buying a Rangemaster, you're receiving the product of over 180 years of experience... Find out more
Bring the professional touch to your kitchen with the stunning gloss cream Britannia Delphi 120 RC12TGDECR Dual Fuel Range Cooker. With great features including a wok burner, a meat probe in the oven and a griddle for more cooking options, you'll... Find out more
Designed in a contemporary style and built to accommodate the demands of the busiest of households, the Rangemaster Excel 110 Induction Range Cooker features two large ovens, a separate slow cooker, a glide-out grill and a five zone induction hob.... Find out more
With a stylish and distinguished look, the Rangemaster Elan 110 Electric Induction Range Cooker boasts class, elegance and above all, superb performance that will have you delivering mouth-watering dishes to your dining room time after... Find out more
The cranberry and chrome Rangemaster Professional+ 110 Induction Range Cooker delivers maximum cooking capacity and total versatility in a stylishly modern cooker.Progressive hob technologyInduction technology will change the way you cook and use... Find out more
Enjoy multifunctional cooking in your kitchen, and produce food thats fit for a feast with the stainless steel Britannia Delphi 90 RC9SGDES Dual Fuel Range Cooker.Quality cooking, professional looksOffering a variety of cooking functions and... Find out more
The classic cream Rangemaster Classic 110 Induction Range Cooker combines traditional range styling with the latest in cooking technology. Dual ovens The Rangemaster Classic 110 Cooker offers three cavities to give you maximum cooking control... Find out more
The Rangemaster Toledo 110 Induction Range Cooker brings innovation, creativity and cutting-edge cooking technology to the kitchen. Range cooker history With nearly 200 years of expertise, Rangemaster produce high quality, stylish kitchen... Find out more
The Rangemaster Elan 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker in black is a finely crafted appliance with classic styling and outstanding practicality. Masses of hob space and power Benefitting from the flexible, rapid and dynamic power of gas, the Elan 110... Find out more
The black and chrome Rangemaster Elise 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker gives your kitchen a uniquely chic appearance and substantial cooking space and options.All-encompassing gas hobCreate perfect eggs, delicate béchamel or perhaps a tasty authentic... Find out more
Fit your kitchen with a cranberry and chrome Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110 Induction Range Cooker to experience roomy cooking space, outstanding functionality and unmatched style.A better kind of hobEquipped with ground-breaking induction... Find out more
Optimise cooking performance for all your meals, while enhancing the style of your kitchen with this Smeg Symphony 110 cm Electric Induction Range Cooker.With two large capacity 61 litre ovens, a 36 litre second oven and variable grill, you get... Find out more
Combining intelligent features with a traditional aesthetic, the black and chrome Rangemaster Elan 90 Induction Range Cooker is a wise choice for any discerning chef. Rangemaster heritage Drawing on nearly 200 years of tradition, you can prepare... Find out more
The Rangemaster Excel 110 Dual Fuel Range Cooker in cranberry and chrome gives you three ovens, a separate grill and a spacious gas hob with additional ceramic cooking zones to help you expand your cookery. Versatile gas hob You'll love the... Find out more
Effortlessly cook and clean up afterwards with this stylish Smeg SY93IBL Induction Range Cooker. With induction cooking and an A energy rating, this deliver a high power and efficient performance. Ultra-versatile cooking This large multifunction... Find out more
Top features: - Two ovens let you cook even the largest meals - Achieve excellent browning and crisping with circulaire cooking - Clean your oven easily thanks to pyrolytic cleaning - Multitask your cooking with six gas burners - Cool touch... Find out more
The imposing black and chrome Rangemaster Elise 100 Induction Range Cooker combines the best of traditional range cooking with an induction hob and modern style notes. Over a century of excellence When buying a Rangemaster, you're receiving the... Find out more
Perfect for chefs of all abilities, the Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 110 Electric Ceramic Range Cooker comes loaded with features that will help to make your kitchen a culinary hotspot.Rangemaster heritageDrawing on nearly 200 years of tradition and... Find out more

Want to create restaurant-quality meals like the professionals? The Currys PC World selection of range style cookers allow you to roast, bake, boil and warm, as well as griddle, grill and stir-fry with ease. From ambitious feasts to perfectly grilled cheese sandwiches, our rangestyle cookers are ready for cooking nearly everything. Range ovens will make a bold statement in any kitchen, offering features that create a professional look like cast iron pan supports and wok burners. Our range includes duel fuel range cookers, electric range cookers and gas range cookers, with many offering fan-assisted ovens, dedicated slow-cooking ovens and other features.


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