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WPRO UCF006 Universal and Carbon Filter - For Cooker Hoods
  • Suitable for all cooker hoods
  • 1 year guarantee
14 reviews
Brief product description
The WPro UCF006 Universal and Carbon Filter helps to keep your kitchen clean and grease free.Keep your kitchen smell freeCompatible with all cooker hoods, the WPro UCF006 is easy to install and universal as it can be cut to any size to suit your needs. Replace the filter every 3 months to ensure that kitchen odours are prevented.The Carbon Filter protects your cooker hood from grease and is... Find out more
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WPRO ACC010 Universal Adjustable Shelf
  • Suitable for ovens & fridges
  • 1 year guarantee
32 reviews
Brief product description
Suitable for ovens, fridges and barbecues, the chrome plated steel finished, Wpro ACC010 Universal Adjustable Shelf is extendable from 35 to 56 cm depending on your appliance and your needs.Easy to pull out and adjusted to suit the size of your oven, the Wpro ACC010 Universal Adjustable Oven Shelf is ideal for cooking dishes or allowing them to cool.   Find out more
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ECOZONE All Purpose Cleaning Paste
  • Fits all domestic appliances
  • Material: Paste
Brief product description
Ecozone's heavy duty, natural All Purpose Cleaning Paste is set to change the way you clean forever.Its biodegradable and preservative-free formula makes it perfect for numerous things around the house, from silverware to windows, tiles to ovens and hobs.The All Purpose Cleaning Paste comes with a specially designed sponge in the lid to make cleaning a doddle and as you only need the tiniest... Find out more
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