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Until you’ve experienced the brilliant versatility of a warming drawer it’s impossible to know just how useful they can be. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of serving up cold food to late-arriving guests you’ll have some understanding of the worth of a warming drawer – simply place your lovingly prepared food into a warming drawer to keep it perfectly warm until you’re ready to serve it up to your delighted dining companions. Perfectly warm food every time!

Warming drawers offer an array of invaluable everyday uses. They not only allow you to keep food at the perfect serving temperature without drying it out, a warming drawer is also the most convenient way to warm plates, cups, glasses and cutlery. You can even use warming drawers for a variety of cooking tasks like dough proving.

Our range, which includes AEG warming drawers and Bosch warming drawers, has something for every kitchen. Sleek stainless steel designs give many of our warming drawers a high quality professional look, which is complemented by precision temperature controls and performance fans that ensure the even circulation of air.

Complete your kitchen and enhance your entertaining with a multi-use, high-performance warming drawer from Currys.

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