JOSEPH JOSEPH ICEG0100AS QuickSnap Ice Tray - Green

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1-year manufacturer's guarantee
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Product details

The Joseph Joseph ICEG-0100AS QuickSnap Ice Tray gives you an easier way to create and use ice blocks, plus it's finished in an attractive green.

Familiar style with unique usability

While it looks just like a conventional ice tray, the ICEG01-00AS QuickSnap Tray uses an innovative switch mechanism on its underside to securely hold ice cubes in place until you need them.

All you need to do is fill the tray with water and place in the freezer to solidify, as with an ordinary ice tray. When it's time to cool your drinks, just twist the tray's flexible structure to loosen the cubes, then press the switches in the direction indicated to release the cubes one at a time.

Control how much ice you use

The Joseph Joseph ICEG0100-AS Ice Tray lets you snap each individual cube from its compartment to quickly and easily fill a glass or bowl. You only release the quantity of ice cubes you actually need, so the rest can stay secure in the tray to be placed back in the freezer and used later on.

Since you release the cubes from underneath, the tray is ideal for chilling drinks, as the ice can be served directly into the glass without your touching it. Dishwasher safe, the ice cube tray is brilliantly easy to maintain so you're assured of clean, pure ice with every use.

Keep your cool with the sensible, highly practical Joseph Joseph ICEG-0100AS QuickSnap Ice Tray.

Product code: 059671

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Type Ice tray
Material Polypropylene
Dishwasher safe Yes
Other features Unique switch mechanism holds ice cubes in place until required
Colour Green
Dimensions 40 x 275 x 115 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 129 g
Manufacturer’s guarantee 1 year