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Enjoy a fruit cake or a cheese cake with the Master Class KCMCHB44 25 cm Non-stick Cake Pan. Part of the award-winning Master Class bakeware collection, you can enjoy high quality baking for years to come. Whether you're making a fruit cake or... Find out more
Get baking with these Non-stick Mini Round Fluted Tart Tins from Paul Hollywood. They are the ideal size for bite-sized treats such as egg custards, jam tarts, quiches or canapes.Made from carbon steel for a durable finish, each tin is finished... Find out more
The Master Class Spring Form 30 cm Non-stick Cake Pan is the perfect took for making all kinds of mouth-watering cakes, complete with handy usability features.Reliable cookwareBake any fruit, sponge or cheese cake you desire with this carbon steel... Find out more
You'll rule the baking roost with the Master Class KCMCHB32 34 x 20 cm Non-stick Brownie Pan in black.Make your favourite sweets at homePerfect for creating decadent brownies, unforgettable flapjacks and other timeless treats, the Brownie Pan will... Find out more
Use the Master Class KCMCHB12 20 cm Non-stick Sandwich Pan to create all manner of tasty pies, delectable cakes and dainty quiches.Trusty cookwareThis Pie Pan is oven-safe up to temperatures of 250°C, ensuring you'll be able to cook with... Find out more
Make your favourite baked good with the Master Class KCMCHB3 39 x 27 cm Non-stick Baking Tray. Whether you're roasting dinner, baking brownies or grilling your food, this Non-stick Baking Tray provides the ideal baking surface. Part of an... Find out more
The Master Class 20 cm Non-Stick Savarin Cake Pan is ideal for baking a rum baba or floating island cake. This durable piece of bakeware has a double non-stick coasting for easy cake release. The carbon steel savarin bake pan is also great for... Find out more
Create tasty pizzas in your home with the Master Class Crusty Bake Non-stick Pizza Tray.Enjoy crispy pizza bases thanks to the aerating holes in the base of the tray, so you can enjoy professional cooking in your kitchen. It's also suitable for... Find out more
Enjoy cake perfection when you use the Master Class KCMCHB10 23 cm Non-stick Cake Pan, part of an award-winning bakeware collection.Whether you're forming a fruit cake, sculpting a sponge cake or creating a cheesecake, the Cake Pan makes life... Find out more
The Master Class KCMCHB9 23 x 13 cm Non-Stick Loaf Pan makes delicious sweet and savoury breads and other loaves just a mix, whisk and bake away.Homemade sweet treatsNow you'll be able to make your own bread, meat loaf, fruit cake and even pate... Find out more
The Master Class KCMCHB23 35 x 25 cm Non-stick Baking Tray is ideal for baking, roasting and grilling a range of foods with its durable, dishwasher-safe design.Whether you're roasting dinner or baking brownies, this Non-stick Baking Tray provides... Find out more

Today’s innovative bakeware ranges make light work of kitchen tasks. Non-stick silicon and a host of other clever baking gadgets allow you to create the cakes, desserts and dishes you want – no matter how simple or ambitious.

Whether it’s for everyday baking, special occasions, baking in a more health-conscious way or for serious culinary gourmets, modern bakeware innovations make baking easy. Our baking range, including leading brands like Kitchen Craft bakeware, includes all the essentials to get you started – like baking trays, cake tins, loaf tins, and precision scales – as well as ingenious gadgets like icing pens, cookie stamps and cupcake plungers.

Try silicon bakeware for cake moulds, trays and more that are cool to the touch, easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and completely non-stick. Spring-form non-stick cake tins with removable bases make it easy to remove beautifully shaped cakes after baking too. And dishwasher safe icing syringes come with a range of easy-clean nozzle shapes so you can get creative in the kitchen.

For perfect baking every day, the right bakeware tools are the icing on the cake. And you can get even craftier in the kitchen with our exciting cookware range too.

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