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Complete your kitchen with the durable and stylish Circulon Origins 5-piece Non-stick Pan Set, suitable for all hob types, including induction. Unique design for efficient cooking The interior of each of these pans is heavy gauge hard anodized,... Find out more
The Stellar 6000 28 cm Non-stick Sauté Pan is suitable for all hobs, including induction, and is perfect for sautéing, frying or browning your ingredients.Lifetime guaranteeEnjoy years and years of high quality cooking thanks to the sauté pan's... Find out more
Make the most of impressive home cooking with the Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Enamel Sauté Pan. High quality sautéing This Jamie Oliver Sauté Pan has a Pro Metal Pro coating that provides an impressive 6 layers of long lasting non-stick coating... Find out more
The Judge Vista 20 cm Draining Lid Saucepan is made from premium stainless steel with perforated lid sides for adjustable steam release.Everyday cookingThe 20 cm saucepan features Judge Vista's thick hot forged base that brings optimum heat... Find out more
The Tefal Comfort Max 26 cm Frying Pan features a resilient non-stick coating and innovative ThermoSpot technology for professional standard cooking at home. ThermoSpot and non-stick ThermoSpot technology lets you know when the Comfort Max... Find out more
The Stellar 7000 26 cm Non-stick Frying Pan is a perfect addition to the cook's kitchen.Forged baseThe 26 cm wide frying pan has a thick hot forged base that gives even heat distribution when used on all hob surfaces. The premium stainless steel... Find out more
With a simple yet revolutionary design, the Tefal Ingenio L4759445 4-Piece Non-stick Pan Set is an essential for any cook.This four-piece Ingenio Pan Set features two frying pans, a saucepan and Bakelite detachable handle, offering easily... Find out more
The Stellar SEZA1 Eazistore 3-piece Saucepan Set features three stainless steel saucepans that come with a lifetime guarantee.The 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm saucepans are suitable for all hob types, including induction hobs. Featuring riveted handles,... Find out more
Cook up delicious paella for the whole family with the specially made the Judge Vista 30 cm Paella Pan.The mirror polished stainless steel pan looks amazing, with a solid base to generate heat and a matching steel lid to keep the heat in.Handles... Find out more
Enjoy healthy steamed food when you use the Morphy Richards 3-tier 18 cm Steamer. The base is a useful all-round saucepan and the two steamer layers are perfect for cooking your favourite vegetables without boiling out all the goodness. The... Find out more
The Judge Vista JJ45 24 cm Stockpot Pan is made from mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel and is a versatile and durable kitchen tool, ideal for casseroles and stocks made on the hob or in the oven.Hot forged baseStylish and practical, the... Find out more
The hard anodized Circulon Origins 28 cm Non-stick Skillet comes with a lifetime guarantee for durable, professional-grade cooking.Durable designThe heavy gauged hard anodized pan offers excellent durability and evenly distributes heat, preventing... Find out more
The Circulon Origins 26 cm Non-stick Chefs Pan is exceptionally durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.High performanceThe pan's hard anodised base ensures even heat distribution to prevent food from burning, while the patented Total Hi-Low... Find out more
The Circulon Origins 24 cm Non-stick Stock Pot is perfect for making delicious casseroles, stews, soups and much more.DurableWith a hard anodized construction, the Origins Stock Pot features a lifetime guarantee for years and years of reliable... Find out more
The black Morphy Richards 46380 18 cm 3-Tier Steamer gives you a way to steam more and different types of food simultaneously and practically. A pot that takes the heat Crafted from high grade stainless steel, this Morphy Richards 46380 3-Tier... Find out more
The Judge Vista PP82 24 cm Stock Pot in stainless steel is the perfect cooking vessel for preparing mouth watering soups, stews and other culinary creations.This stock pot has an 8.5 litres capacity which is ample for creating large dishes to feed... Find out more

Equip yourself with the tools you need in the kitchen with our latest cookware ranges. Designed to make kitchen tasks simple, even the most ambitious culinary adventures are easy with the right quality equipment.

Sautéing, steaming, soups and stocks, fry-ups, chips, casseroles and stews, perfect pasta, Sunday roasts, fluffy pancakes – there’s cookware here to help you prepare it all. Our range of pots and pans includes essential saucepans and frying pans, but also specialist cooking ware like healthy tiered steamers and two-hole egg poachers.

Clever innovations mean today’s cookware ranges make light work of the most demanding kitchen jobs. Stainless steel pasta, stock and sauté pots that are oven safe give you greater versatility – and mean fewer pots to wash. Tefal’s enamel coated steel range guarantees non-stick cooking every time, as well as letting you know when your pan is at perfect cooking temperature with its neat Thermospot indicator. And all of our cookware, including our Morphy Richards cookware, is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean, even after big family get-togethers and dinner parties.

Whatever you want to achieve in the kitchen, whether it’s a special occasion, or everyday family meals, the right cookware can make all the difference.

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