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LIEBHERR GT3632 Chest Freezer - White
LIEBHERR GT3632 Chest Freezer - White
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  • Capacity: 324 litres
  • Energy rating: A++
  • Width: 113.3 cm
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
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The premium Liebherr GT3632 Chest Freezer delivers a highly efficient home freezing solution that allows you to store your frozen foods and perishables safely and securely.Spacious storageOffering a huge 343-litre storage capacity, the GT3632 is an ideal dedicated storage location for larger items and goods you might want to keep frozen for longer, such as cuts of meats, bags of vegetables and desserts and ice cream.With two handy basket compartments, it's easy to keep food groups separate... Find out more

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If you’re stocking up for armageddon or just love shopping at Iceland, a chest freezer is a must. These freezers are cavernous, allowing you to store prolific amounts of food for the months to come. Chest freezers are fantastic for large or busy households, batch cooking and freezing food for catering on a large scale. And because you’re not restricted by drawer height, you can freeze all kinds of food items, whatever their shape and size.


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